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Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams 

Product Leadership pdf book

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Good product management is essential for sustaining a competitive advantage in today’s lightning-fast technology market. Yet, managing people and navigating complex product roadmaps is not a simple task, and it’s uncommon for a product leader to steer a digital product from concept to launch without a few significant hiccups. Why are some product executives more successful than others?

This insightful book features interviews with nearly 100 of the world’s foremost product managers. Authors Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, and Nate Walkingshaw draw on decades of product design and development experience to describe effective product managers’ approaches, personalities, insights, and techniques. This book is an indispensable resource if you want to comprehend what motivates effective product executives.

In three sections, Product Leadership enables you to investigate:

Themes and patterns of successful organizations and their leaders, as well as strategies for acquiring those traits
The most effective strategies for guiding your product team through the startup, emergent, and enterprise phases of a company’s evolution.
Strategies and tactics for interacting with external customers, agencies, and partners.


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Author(s): Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, Nate Walkingshaw

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Year: 2017

ISBN: 1491960604,9781491960608


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