Book Name: [PDF] Digital Image Processing An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java
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Digital Image Processing An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java

Digital Image Processing An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java

Book Description:

This modern, self-contained textbook provides an accessible introduction to the field from the perspective of a practicing programmer, supporting a detailed presentation of the fundamental concepts and techniques with practical exercises and fully worked out implementation examples. This much-anticipated new edition of the definitive textbook on Digital Image Processing has been completely revised and expanded with new content and improved teaching material. Topics and features: Contains new chapters on automatic thresholding, filters and edge detection for color images, edge-preserving smoothing filters, non-rigid image matching, and Fourier shape descriptors. Includes exercises at the end of every chapter, and provides additional supplementary material at an associated website. Uses ImageJ for all examples, a widely used open source imaging system that can run on all major platforms and be easily ported to other programming languages. Describes each solution in a stepwise manner in mathematical form, as abstract pseudocode algorithms, and as complete Java programs. Presents suggested outlines for a one- or two-semester course in the preface. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students will find this comprehensive and example-rich textbook will serve as the ideal introduction to digital image processing. It will also prove invaluable to researchers and professionals seeking a practically focused self-study primer.

Table of contents:

Digital Images.- ImageJ.- Histograms and Image Statistics.- Point Operations.- Filters.- Edges and Contours.- Corner Detection.- Finding Simple Curves: The Hough Transform.- Morphological Filters.- Regions in Binary Images.- Automatic Thresholding.- Color Images.- Color Quantization.- Colorimetric Color Spaces.- Filters for Color Images.- Edge Detection in Color Images.- Edge-Preserving Smoothing Filters.- Introduction to Spectral Techniques.- The Discrete Fourier Transform in 2D.- The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT).- Geometric Operations.- Pixel Interpolation.- Image Matching and Registration.- Non-Rigid Image Matching.- Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT).- Fourier Shape Descriptors.- Appendix A: Mathematical Symbols and Notation.- Appendix B: Linear Algebra.- Appendix C: Calculus.- Appendix D: Statistical Prerequisites.- Appendix E: Gaussian Filters.- Appendix F: JavaNotes.


Digital Image Processing An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java

Author(s): Jähne, Bernd

Series: Texts in Computer Science

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781447166832



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