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Mechanical Engineering: (Conventional and Objective Type) by R.S. Khurmi 

    Book Name: Mechanical Engineering: (Conventional and Objective Type) by R.S. Khurmi 
    Author: RS Khurmi, JK Gupta
    Category: Mechanical Books
    Language: English
    Format: PDF
    Free Download: Available

    “Mechanical Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type” has been a comprehensive text with multiple-choice questions for more than 30 years. It is written for people who want to take competitive exams like GATE, UPSC, IAS, IES, and SSC-JE, as well as for college students who are studying for exams. The new version has 17 parts that cover all of the most important ideas in Mechanical Engineering. On the other hand, the questions in this book were chosen from a number of good sources to give students an idea of how the questions are set up and what kinds of questions they can expect on the final day.

    Free Download Mechanical Engineering: (Conventional and Objective Type) by R.S. Khurmi PDF Book 

    Mechanical Engineering: (Conventional and Objective Type) by R.S. Khurmi pdf free download

    Rs khurmi mechanical objective book pdf free download: Hey, everyone! In this piece, we’ll give you the rs khurmi mechanical engineering file. This is for students who want to work in the engineering field.

    This book is very famous among engineering students because it has helped college students of mechanical engineering for more than 30 years. It has also helped students prepare for competitions such as GATE, UPSC, IAS, IES, and others.

    RS khurmi mechanical engineering PDF 

    The book has more than 6,000+ mcqs from answered and unsolved papers grouped by subject. The most recent version of the book has been changed and updated to match the most current curriculum. A new part on Automobile Engineering has also been added.

    It’s helpful for engineers to learn the basics of all mechanical topics and understand the basic ideas of mechanical engineering by answering objective questions.

    To make it more helpful for the candidates, theory has been added before the objective questions, which are split into four groups: multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and matching questions.

    The special thing about the mechanical engineering book is that it has over a thousand multiple-choice questions from tests from the past with answers at the end of each chapter.

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    It is useful for the preparation of the following: 

    • B.Tech/B.E/B.S.c / Diploma in Engineering
    • Engineering service examinations (ESE) conducted by UPSC
    • GATE and other competitive examinations.


    Contents of Mechanical Engg. Objective Book Pdf

    • Divided in 17 chapters containing more than 6000+ questions with hints to provide rich practice
    • Numerous graphs and figures providing ample support to the theory explained

    1. Engineering Mechanics
    2. Strength of Materials
    3. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
    4. Hydraulic Machines
    5. Thermodynamics
    6. Steam Boilers and Engines
    7. Steam Nozzles and Turbines
    8. I.C. Engines and Nuclear Power Plants
    9. Compressors, Gas Dynamics, and Gas Turbines
    10. Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    11. Theory of Machines
    12. Machine Design
    13. Engineering Materials
    14. Workshop Technology
    15. Production Engineering
    16. Industrial Engineering and Production Management
    17. Automobile Engineering



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