Book Name: The 8-Minute Writing Habit
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The 8-Minute Writing Habit book pdf

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Ready to establish a consistent writing habit, once and for all? Monica Leonelle digs into the best literature on forming habits and shares the top strategies professional authors use to ensure they write daily. Each tip is easy to implement and will get you writing more in the “in-betweens” the inactive moments of your life where you are commuting, waiting in line, or otherwise physically stuck with your brain unoccupied! If you’ve struggled to find time to write due to a day job, family, or an active, busy lifestyle, this book will help you clear your blocks around writing for good and get you writing more often, just a few words at a time. For writers who still haven’t found their rhythm and don’t have time for long experiments, tracking spreadsheets, or full pomodoros establish a writing habit that actually fits into your life! BONUS: This book includes the full 8×8 Challenge: 8 days to implement the very best shortcuts to writing more, 8 minutes at a time! Get access to the live version and do the challenge with Monica herself.


The 8-Minute Writing Habit: Create a Consistent Writing Habit That Works With Your Busy Lifestyle

Author(s): Leonelle, Monica

Series: Growth Hacking For Storytellers

Publisher: Spaulding House, Year: 2015



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