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Decode and Conquer pdf book free

NEW 4TH EDITION NOW AVAILABLE. This entry lists the obsolete 3rd edition of the book.

— Presenting the third edition
This is the third edition of Decode and Conquer, the classic product management (PM) exam preparation book. Decode and Conquer is your starting point for conquering the most difficult PM interview questions. It was written by the world’s leading authority on PM interviews. Here’s what to anticipate:

Frameworks for design and metrics issues include the well-known CIRCLES MethodTM, AARM MethodTM, and DIGS MethodTM.
How to avoid the most common interview errors made by prospective PM candidates
Insider information on what interviewers are seeking and how to respond so they can’t say NO to hiring you.
Sample responses to crucial PM interview topics

The enhanced section on metrics and implementation
The third edition’s section on metrics and execution concerns has been expanded. Utilize the most up-to-date ideas, frameworks, and strategies to address this expanding category of concerns!

The book Design a New iPad app for Google Spreadsheet contains questions and answers.
Consider as many possible algorithms for recommending Twitter followers.
You’re the chief executive officer of Yellow Cab. What is your reaction to Uber?
You are a member of Google’s web abuse team. How would you identify identical websites?

Endorsed by Google’s hiring managers. Business Insider has lauded this product.
Recruiters and leading publications such as Business Insider have endorsed Decode and Conquer, specifically CIRCLESTM. Decode and Conquer is recommended to PM job candidates by top product management executives from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

What do users say?
You have benefited many individuals in more ways than you realize. I hope to accomplish that in my own manner one day.

I wish to express my appreciation for your work! I purchased Decode & Conquer and am loving every page!

I am a Zimbabwean who has spent the last eight years residing in China. Without direct PM experience, your 2-week PM guide has been extraordinarily helpful. I’ve also been reading Decode and Conquer, which has helped me catch up quickly. Excellent novel!

I have nearly completed your book, Decode, and Conquer, and have found it enlightening. I believe that I have significantly decreased the number of PM interviews, and I would have failed with a stunned expression.

Lewis Lin is superior. I just heard back from Uber, and the answer is affirmative! I had previously interviewed there twice, but it wasn’t until I met Lewis, his materials, and this community that I ultimately succeeded.

Your publications assisted me in obtaining the Amazon PM position. In addition to my acquired expertise, they assisted me in refreshing my knowledge when I moved to Google. As you are aware, this is accomplished through an interview procedure that is notoriously one of the most difficult in the industry. The book’s shared knowledge was exceedingly useful even when I sometimes disagreed with the methods and answers.

Table of contents :

Ch. 1. Critiquing design
ch. 2. Designing a desktop application
ch. 3. Designing a webpage or website
ch. 4. Designing a mobile app
ch. 5. Designing a consumer product
ch. 6. Designing a service or other product
ch. 7. Getting technical
ch. 8. Getting analytical: estimation
ch. 9. Getting analytical: pricing
ch. 10. Getting analytical: metrics
ch. 11. Strategizing: tradeoffs
ch. 12. Strategizing: new market entry
ch. 13. Strategizing: ceo-level issues
ch. 14. Creating vision
ch. 15. Passing the stress test
ch. 16. Winning the behavioral interview.


Download Decode and Conquer: Answers to Product Management Interviews PDF 

Author(s): Lewis C. Lin

Publisher: Impact Interview, Year: 2013


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