Book Name: Well Engineering and Construction by Hussain Rabia
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Well Engineering and Construction by Hussain Rabia | PDF Free Download. 

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Well Engineering and Construction by Hussain Rabia 

Well Engineering and Construction by Hussain Rabia pdf

Well Engineering and Construction Contents

  • Chapter 1: Pore Pressure 
  • Chapter 2: Formation of Integrity Tests
  • Chapter 3: Kick Tolerance
  • Chapter 4 : Casing Functions & Types
  • Chapter 5: Casing Design Principles
  • Chapter 6: Cementing 
  • Chapter 7: Drilling Fluids 
  • Chapter 8: Practical Rig Hydraulics 
  • Chapter 9: Drill Bits 
  • Chapter 10: Drillstring Design 
  • Chapter 11: Directional Drilling 
  • Chapter 12: Hole Problems
  • Chapter 13: Horizontal & Multilateral Wells
  • Chapter 14: Rig Components 
  • Chapter 15: Well Costing

Introduction to Well Engineering and Construction PDF

This chapter will present the origins of pore pressure and principles of its determination. It should be emphasized here that this subject alone requires more than one book to cover in detail.

Hence the emphasis will be placed on the practical utilization of pore pressure in the good planning process.

The ideas presented here are hoped to help the engineer understand lithological columns better and deduce potential hole problems before producing a final well plan. Knowledge of formation pressures is vital to the safe planning of a well.

Accurate values of formation pressures are used to design safe mud weights to overcome fracturing the formation and prevent well kicks.

The process of designing and selection of casing weights/grades is predominately dependent on the utilization of accurate values of formation pressure.

Cementing design, kick control, selection of wellhead and Xmas trees and even the rig rating are dependent on the formation pressures encountered in the well.

All formations penetrated during the drilling of a well contain pressure which may vary in magnitude depending on depth, location, and proximity to other structures.

In order to understand the nature, extent, and origin of formation pressures, it is necessary to define and explain basic wellbore pressure concepts.


Well Engineering and Construction

Author(s): H. Rabia

Publisher: Entrac Consulting, Year: 2001

ISBN: 9780954108700,0954108701

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