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[PDF] Human Biology Book [Free Download]

Title: Human biology
Author(s): Michael Windelspecht; Sylvia S. Mader
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Year: 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 9781259689796, 1259689794
Edition: 15
Pages: 641

Book Description:

Instructors consistently ask for a Human Biology textbook that helps students understand the main themes of biology through the lens of the human body. Mader’s Human Biology, 15th Edition accomplishes the goal of improving scientific literacy, while establishing a foundation of knowledge inhuman biology and physiology. The text integrates a tested, traditional learning system with modern digital and pedagogical approaches designed to stimulate and engage today’s student.

Dr. Michael Windelspecht represents the new generation of digital authors. Through the integration of an array of multimedia resources, Michael has committed to delivering the tried-and-true content of the Mader series to the new generation of digital learners. A veteran of the online, hybrid, and traditional teaching environments, Michael is well-versed in the challenges facing the modern student and educator.

Table of contents :

Title Page
Copyright Page
Brief Contents
About the Authors
CHAPTER 1 Exploring Life and Science
1.1 The Characteristics of Life
1.2 Humans Are Related to Other Animals
1.3 Science as a Process
1.4 Challenges Facing Science
Unit 1 Human Organization
CHAPTER 2 Chemistry of Life
2.1 From Atoms to Molecules
2.2 Water and Life
2.3 Molecules of Life
2.4 Carbohydrates
2.5 Lipids
2.6 Proteins
2.7 Nucleic Acids
CHAPTER 3 Cell Structure and Function
3.1 What Is a Cell?
3.2 How Cells Are Organized
3.3 The Plasma Membrane and How Substances Cross It
3.4 The Nucleus and Endomembrane System
3.5 The Cytoskeleton, Cell Movement, and Cell Junctions
3.6 Metabolism and the Energy Reactions
CHAPTER 4 Organization and Regulation of Body Systems
4.1 Types of Tissues
4.2 Connective Tissue Connects and Supports
4.3 Muscular Tissue Moves the Body
4.4 Nervous Tissue Communicates
4.5 Epithelial Tissue Protects
4.6 Integumentary System
4.7 Organ Systems, Body Cavities, and Body Membranes
4.8 Homeostasis
Unit 2 Maintenance of the Human Body
CHAPTER 5 Cardiovascular System: Heart and Blood Vessels
5.1 Overview of the Cardiovascular System
5.2 The Types of Blood Vessels
5.3 The Heart Is a Double Pump
5.4 Features of the Cardiovascular System
5.5 Two Cardiovascular Pathways
5.6 Exchange at the Capillaries
5.7 Cardiovascular Disorders
CHAPTER 6 Cardiovascular System: Blood
6.1 Blood: An Overview
6.2 Red Blood Cells and Transport of Oxygen
6.3 White Blood Cells and Defense Against Disease
6.4 Platelets and Blood Clotting
6.5 Human Blood Types
6.6 Homeostasis
CHAPTER 7 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
7.1 The Lymphatic System
7.2 Innate Immune Defenses
7.3 Adaptive Immune Defenses
7.4 Acquired Immunity
7.5 Hypersensitivity Reactions
CHAPTER 8 Biology of Infectious Diseases
8.1 Bacteria and Viruses
8.2 Infectious Diseases and Human Health
8.3 Emerging Diseases
8.4 Antibiotic Resistance
CHAPTER 9 Digestive System and Nutrition
9.1 Overview of Digestion
9.2 The Mouth, Pharynx, and Esophagus
9.3 The Stomach and Small Intestine
9.4 The Accessory Organs and Regulation of Secretions
9.5 The Large Intestine and Defecation
9.6 Nutrition and Weight Control
CHAPTER 10 Respiratory System
10.1 The Respiratory System
10.2 The Upper Respiratory Tract
10.3 The Lower Respiratory Tract
10.4 Mechanism of Breathing
10.5 Control of Ventilation
10.6 Gas Exchanges in the Body
10.7 Respiration and Health
CHAPTER 11 Urinary System
11.1 The Urinary System
11.2 Kidney Structure
11.3 Urine Formation
11.4 Kidneys and Homeostasis
11.5 Urinary System Disorders
Unit 3 Movement and Support in Humans
CHAPTER 12 Skeletal System
12.1 Overview of the Skeletal System
12.2 Bones of the Axial Skeleton
12.3 Bones of the Appendicular Skeleton
12.4 Articulations
12.5 Bone Growth and Homeostasis
CHAPTER 13 Muscular System
13.1 Overview of the Muscular System
13.2 Skeletal Muscle Fiber Contraction
13.3 Whole Muscle Contraction
13.4 Muscular Disorders
13.5 Homeostasis
Unit 4 Integration and Coordination in Humans
CHAPTER 14 Nervous System
14.1 Overview of the Nervous System
14.2 The Central Nervous System
14.3 The Limbic System and Higher Mental Functions
14.4 The Peripheral Nervous System
14.5 Drug Therapy and Drug Abuse
CHAPTER 15 Senses
15.1 Overview of Sensory Receptors and Sensations
15.2 Somatic Senses
15.3 Senses of Taste and Smell
15.4 Sense of Vision
15.5 Sense of Hearing
15.6 Sense of Equilibrium
CHAPTER 16 Endocrine System
16.1 Endocrine Glands
16.2 Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
16.3 Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
16.4 Adrenal Glands
16.5 Pancreas
16.6 Other Endocrine Glands
16.7 Hormones and Homeostasis
Unit 5 Reproduction in Humans
CHAPTER 17 Reproductive System
17.1 Human Life Cycle
17.2 Male Reproductive System
17.3 Female Reproductive System
17.4 The Ovarian Cycle
17.5 Control of Reproduction
17.6 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
CHAPTER 18 Development and Aging
18.1 Fertilization
18.2 Pre-embryonic and Embryonic Development
18.3 Fetal Development
18.4 Pregnancy and Birth
18.5 Aging
Unit 6 Human Genetics
CHAPTER 19 Patterns of Chromosome Inheritance
19.1 Chromosomes
19.2 The Cell Cycle
19.3 Mitosis
19.4 Meiosis
19.5 Comparison of Meiosis and Mitosis
19.6 Chromosome Inheritance
CHAPTER 20 Cancer
20.1 Overview of Cancer
20.2 Causes and Prevention of Cancer
20.3 Diagnosis of Cancer
20.4 Treatment of Cancer
CHAPTER 21 Patterns of Genetic Inheritance
21.1 Genotype and Phenotype
21.2 One- and Two-Trait Inheritance
21.3 Inheritance of Genetic Disorders
21.4 Beyond Simple Inheritance Patterns
21.5 Sex-Linked Inheritance
CHAPTER 22 DNA Biology and Technology
22.1 DNA and RNA Structure and Function
22.2 Gene Expression
22.3 DNA Technology
22.4 Genomics and Gene Therapy
Unit 7 Human Evolution and Ecology
CHAPTER 23 Human Evolution
23.1 Origin of Life
23.2 Biological Evolution
23.3 Classification of Humans
23.4 Evolution of Hominins
23.5 Evolution of Humans
CHAPTER 24 Ecology and the Nature of Ecosystems
24.1 The Nature of Ecosystems
24.2 Energy Flow
24.3 Global Biogeochemical Cycles
CHAPTER 25 Human Interactions with the Biosphere
25.1 Human Population Growth
25.2 Human Use of Resources and Pollution
25.3 Biodiversity
25.4 Working Toward a Sustainable Society
Appendix A: Periodic Table of the Elements
Metric System
Appendix B: Answer Key

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Human Biology PDF

Author(s): Sylvia S. Mader Dr., Michael Windelspecht

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 2017

ISBN: 1-259-68979-4






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