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Mastering Product Management: A Step-by-Step Guide pdf

Mastering Product Management: A Step-by-Step Guide provides real-world, actionable guidance on creating and capturing value as a Product Manager. It encompasses the entire product life cycle, from idea generation to disposal. Each section is between two and three pages and is scannable and concise. It functions as a checklist of the key steps a Product Manager should take to complete a given task, rather than delving into the theoretical background of a given subject.

– Generate innovative success
– Establish an enticing product vision and strategy
– Explore novel profitable business structures
– Become a market expert – Manage roadmaps effectively – Ensure a successful product launch – Understand value and pricing profitably – Construct and manage high-performance teams

This book is a handy reference that can be used throughout the workweek. It is intended for Product Managers of all levels and anyone who wishes to comprehend what it takes to successfully define, develop, introduce, and market new products.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting an Innovation Strategy
Chapter 2: Sourcing Opportunities
Chapter 3: Industry and Market Analysis
Chapter 4: Competitive Analysis
Chapter 5: Market Research
Chapter 6: Product Vision
Chapter 7: Product Strategy
Chapter 8: Business Model
Chapter 9: Business Case
Chapter 10: Financial Analysis
Chapter 11: Product Requirements
Chapter 12: Product Requirements in Agile
Chapter 13: Feature Prioritization
Chapter 14: Roadmaps
Chapter 15: Pricing
Chapter 16: Forecasting
Chapter 17: Risk Management
Chapter 18: Decision-Making
Chapter 19: Stakeholder Management
Chapter 20: Lean Innovation
Chapter 21: Making Tradeoffs
Chapter 22: Product Team Meetings
Chapter 23: Daily Standup Meetings
Chapter 24: Beta Testing
Launch and Marketing
Chapter 25: Market Segmentation
Chapter 26: Positioning
Chapter 27: Product Messaging
Chapter 28: Launch Preparation
Chapter 29: Post-Launch Retrospective
Chapter 30: Marketing Plan
Chapter 31: Sales Enablement
Chapter 32: Product Training
Chapter 33: Product Demos
Chapter 34: Presentations
Chapter 35: Customer Meetings
Chapter 36: Customer Negotiations
Chapter 37: Media Interviews
Chapter 38: Deciding to Retire a Product
Chapter 39: End-of-Life Plan
Managing Product Managers
Chapter 40: Recruiting
Chapter 41: Writing a Job Description
Chapter 42: Onboarding
Chapter 43: Goal Setting
Chapter 44: Performance Reviews
Chapter 45: Team Development
Chapter 46: Product Manager Competencies
Chapter 47: Product Manager Deliverables
Chapter 48: Items Common to Product Documents
Chapter 49: Team Meetings
Chapter 50: One-on-One Meetings
Chapter 51: Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
Chapter 52: Planning the Work Week and Day
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Mastering Product Management: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author(s): Kevin Brennan

Year: 2019

ISBN: 9781733839006,9781733839013,1733839003


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