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Want to become a product manager and establish a career in product management? Learn the best practices for leading without authority, building products, and acing your PM interviews that I discovered while working at Amazon, Facebook, and other top technology companies.

Principles of Product Management, revised for 2020, is a hands-on, practical guide for new and aspiring product managers. The book is divided into three sections:
Principles: Part one focuses on the leadership principles that project managers employ to guide their teams through adversity. When your product fails to acquire traction, when your team disintegrates, or when your manager provides you with unfavorable feedback, these are all opportunities to learn success-enhancing principles.
Product development: the second section discusses how PMs at Facebook, Amazon, and other leading companies construct products. We’ll walk you through the entire product development process, from identifying the correct product to build to executing with your team to bring the product to market, beginning with understanding the customer’s problem.
Part three discusses landing a PM position and advancing to the appropriate company’s interview stage. We will prepare you with detailed frameworks and examples for the three most common categories of PM interviews: product sense, execution, and behavioral.

Hear directly from product leaders at Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and more on a VP of Product at Amazon discusses how to surmount challenging situations.
Product executives from LinkedIn and Airbnb discuss how to create a solid product roadmap.
Leaders at Google, Airbnb, and other top companies discuss how they evaluate PM candidates.
How a Director at Instagram and Twitter can help PMs develop their careers.

Table of Contents

1. Principles
Take Ownership
Prioritize and Execute
Start with Why
Find the Truth
Be Radically Transparent
Be Honest with Yourself

2. Product Development
Product Development Loop
Understanding the Customer Problem
Selecting a Goal Metric
Mission, Vision, and Strategy
Building a Product Roadmap
Defining Product Requirements
Great Project Management
Effective Communication
Making Good Decisions

3. Getting the Job
Preparing for the Transition
Making the Transition
Finding the Right Company
Acing your PM Interviews
Product Sense Interview
Execution Interview
Behavioral Interview
Your First 30 Days

4. Product Leader Interviews


Download Principles of Product Management: How to Land a PM Job and Launch Your Product Career PDF 

Author(s): Peter Yang

Publisher: Independently published, Year: 2020

ISBN: 1654187232,9781654187231


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