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Product management is a significant function, and so is this book.

From the authors of the number-one bestseller From the author of Cracking the PM Interview comes a comprehensive guide to the skills, frameworks, and practices required to become an outstanding product manager. It will assist you in advancing your skills and career from your first product management position to product leadership by addressing the following questions:

How does one become an exceptional product manager and leader?
How can products that make a difference in the world be shipped reliably?
How do you develop product intuition, refine your execution, bolster your leadership, and hone your strategic abilities?
What is required to manage and motivate teams?
When is human resource management the best career choice?
How does excellence in these abilities translate to a successful career?
This book will teach you the dependable frameworks and best practices that will increase the likelihood of delivering a successful product. The frameworks will not make you a great product manager immediately or guarantee that your products will never fail, but they will help you avoid the most common issues and provide the structure to begin experimenting, reflecting, and enhancing.

You will learn to:

Create high-quality products that please users and meet their requirements.
Manage and complete your projects efficiently and effectively.
Develop product strategies and visions to establish direction and maximize long-term impact.
Lead and influence others without authority.
Manage people, cultivate excellent PMs, construct excellent teams, and establish excellent product organizations.
Manage your career so that your efforts are rewarded with the recognition you deserve.
These include:

Beginning: the product life cycle; the initial 90 days
User research; A/B testing; problem-solving frameworks; systems thinking; product discovery; design sprints; ethical product design; technical terms and concepts; product documentation (specifications and PRDs).
Execution Skills: agile project management; minimum viable products (MVPs); incremental development; product deployments; time management; overcoming obstacles
Strategic Competencies: product vision; strategy; roadmaps; objectives and OKRs
Leadership Competencies: growth mindset, ownership mentality, influencing without authority, stakeholder management, collaboration, communication, inspiring a team, mentoring, and working with designers, engineers, and administrators.
People Management Skills: becoming a people manager; being a member of the leadership team; evaluating work; holding individuals accountable; mentoring and development; recruiting and interviewing; product processes; organizational structures.
Careers: career ladders; career objectives; partnering with your manager; selecting the appropriate team; negotiations; networking; dealing with adverse circumstances; career options beyond college. PM
Product Executive In-depth career Q&As with eleven successful product executives whose career paths include CPO, head of product, CEO, social impact work, venture capital, angel investing, coaching, and company founding.
And significantly more.

Featuring stories from over fifty PMs and product leaders who have worked at organizations including: Adobe, AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Asana, Atlassian, Calendly, Chan-Zuckerberg Institute, Chegg, Cisco, City of San Jose, Coda, Coinbase, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, FlipKart, Gojek, Google, HSBC, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Microsoft, Netflix, OpenTable, Pinterest, Pocket Gems, Quora, Samsara, Slack, Sonos, Stripe, Swiggy, Twitter, Uber, Walmart Labs, Yahoo, and Yelp.

Table of Contents

Part A: Foreword by Marissa Mayer
Chapter 0: Foreword by Marissa Mayer
Part B: The Product Manager Role
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: The Product Manager Role
Chapter 3: The First 90 Days
Part C: Product Skills
Introduction to Product Skills
Chapter 4: User Insight
Chapter 5: Data Insight
Chapter 6: Analytical Problem Solving
Chapter 7: Product and Design Skills
Chapter 8: Technical Skills
Chapter 9: Writing Product Documentation
Part D: Execution Skills
Introduction to Execution Skills
Chapter 10: Project Management
Chapter 11: Scoping and Incremental Development
Chapter 12: Product Launches
Chapter 13: Get Things Done
Part E: Strategic Skills
Introduction to Strategic Skills
Chapter 14: Product Strategy Overview
Chapter 15: Vision
Chapter 16: Strategic Framework
Chapter 17: Roadmapping and Prioritization
Chapter 18: Team Goals
Part F: Leadership Skills
Introduction to Leadership Skills
Chapter 19: Personal Mindset
Chapter 20: Collaboration
Chapter 21: Influencing without Authority
Chapter 22: Communication
Chapter 23: Motivation and Inspiration
Chapter 24: Ownership Mentality
Chapter 25: Mentoring
Chapter 26: Working with Other Departments
Part G: People Management Skills
Introduction to People Management Skills
Chapter 27: Becoming a People Manager
Chapter 28: New Leadership Skills
Chapter 29: Coaching and Development
Chapter 30: Building a Team
Chapter 31: Organizational Excellence
Part H: Careers
Introduction to Careers
Chapter 32: The Career Ladders
Chapter 33: Career Goals
Chapter 34: Skills for Career Growth
Chapter 35: Extended Learning
Chapter 36: Beyond PM
Part I: Product Leader Q&A
Introduction to Product Leader Q&A
Chapter 37: Dylan Casey
Chapter 38: Brian Ellin
Chapter 39: Osi Imeokparia
Chapter 40: Bangaly Kaba
Chapter 41: Sara Mauskopf
Chapter 42: Ken Norton
Chapter 43: Anuj Rathi
Chapter 44: Sachin Rekhi
Chapter 45: Teresa Torres
Chapter 46: Oji Udezue
Chapter 47: April Underwood
Part J: Additional Reading
Introduction to Additional Reading
Chapter 48: Types of PM Roles
Chapter 49: Landing a Product Manager Role
Chapter 50: Networking for Introverts
Chapter 51: The Paradox of Autonomy and Recognition
Chapter 52: 10 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer
Part K: Appendix
Chapter 53: Key Phrases to Learn
Chapter 54: TLAs and Other Acronyms
Chapter 55: Acknowledgements
Chapter 56: Index

Cracking the PM Career: The Skills, Frameworks, and Practices To Become a Great Product Manager

Author(s): Bavaro, Jackie; McDowell, Gayle

Publisher: CareerCup LLC, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0984782893,9780984782895


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