Book Name: The Definitive Guide to Pylons
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The Definitive Guide to Pylons

The Definitive Guide to Pylons pdf

Book Description

Driven by the enormous popularity of Ruby on Rails, web frameworks have revolutionized the way developers of all programming languages ​​approach the often complex task of developing web applications. Some of the most exciting activities in the field can be seen in the Python community, with one of the most popular frameworks to join the fray being Pylons.
This book is a comprehensive introduction to Pylons, a web framework that uses the best of Ruby, Python, and Perl, and the emerging WSGI standard to provide structure and flexibility. You will learn how to create your own Pylons-powered website and master the advanced features of Pylons. You’ll also learn how to stretch pylons to their fullest extent, as well as share Gardner’s unique knowledge and extensive experience in developing and implementing mounts for a variety of scenarios.

What you’ll learn:

Install and configure the Mount and create your first Rack control web application. Take advantage of Pylons’ built-in support for advanced features like session management, web services, and Ajax. Develop your web applications in the most efficient way possible with test-driven development, logging, and testing. Harness the true power of Pylons with its scalability, unique WSGI support, and integration with other popular frameworks like Django. Who is this book for? Python developers looking to leverage a web framework

About the Author

James Gardner graduated in physics from the University of Oxford; is co-founder of the Pylons web framework; and is the founder of 3aims Ltd, an interactive knowledge technology consulting firm based in London. Much of his professional experience is developing and supporting R&D systems for three different National Health Service organizations in the UK, and he co-wrote the popular book “I Should What to read next?” book referral service.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xxv
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Introducing Pylons….Pages 3-11
Installing Pylons….Pages 13-28
Exploring Pylons….Pages 29-53
Tracking Down and Handling Problems….Pages 55-61
Using View Templates….Pages 63-90
Working with Forms and Validators….Pages 91-126
Introducing the Model and SQLAlchemy….Pages 127-163
Starting the SimpleSite Tutorial….Pages 165-192
Front Matter….Pages 193-193
URLs, Routing, and Dispatch….Pages 195-216
Unicode….Pages 217-226
Internationalization and Localization….Pages 227-243
Testing….Pages 245-262
Documentation….Pages 263-278
SimpleSite Tutorial Part 2….Pages 279-323
CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax….Pages 325-366
Front Matter….Pages 367-367
The Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)….Pages 369-388
Pylons’ Internal Architecture….Pages 389-413
Authentication and Authorization….Pages 415-432
SimpleSite Tutorial Part 3….Pages 433-469
Logging….Pages 471-486
Front Matter….Pages 367-367
Deployment….Pages 487-502
Back Matter….Pages 503-536


The Definitive Guide to Pylons PDF

Author(s): James Gardner

Series: The expert’s voice in Web development

Publisher: Apress; Distributed to the Book trade worldwide by Springer-Verlag, Year: 2009

ISBN: 1590599349,9781590599341,9781430205340



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