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Build Android-Based Smart Applications Using Rules Engines, NLP and Automation Frameworks by Chinmoy Mukherjee | PDF Free Download. 

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Build Android-Based Smart Applications by Chinmoy Mukherjee 

Build Android-Based Smart Applications pdf

Author of Build Android-Based Smart Applications PDF

Chinmoy Mukherjee has worked in the software industry for the past 17 years in India, Canada, the United States, and Australia. He has written more than 100,000 lines of code and worked on 17 software projects as an “individual contributor” for 12 companies (Motorola, HP, Infineon, Cisco, etc.).

He holds a few interesting patents, a new smartphone design, locating anonymous objects, etc. He has published many international papers on Smart applications to solve the “healthcare delivery” issue for developing countries, information security, and other topics.

By writing this book, he wants to help 30+ million software developers shift gears from traditional to smart application development.

Android-Based Smart Application Contents

Part I: Rules Engines

  • Chapter 1: Which Rules Engine Is Best for Building Smart Applications?
  • Chapter 2: Steps to Port Rules Engines
  • Chapter 3: Issues Faced While Porting Rules Engines
  • Chapter 4: Comparison of Rules Engines for Mobile Platforms 
  • Chapter 5: Requirements and Challenges Faced in Knowledge Application Development

Part II: SmartAppGen: Automatically Generate Knowledge Application from Structured Knowledge

  • Chapter 6: Design and Implementation of SmartAppGen
  • Chapter 7: Architecture of SmartAppGen
  • Chapter 8: Example of Generating Knowledge Application from Knowledge
  • Chapter 9: AutoQuiz: Automatically Generate Quiz from Unstructured Knowledge 
  • Chapter 10: Emergency

Part III: Android Applications for Solving Real-Life Problems

  • Chapter 11: Assignments

Introduction to Build Android-Based Smart Applications eBook

This book describes how to build smart applications using cutting-edge technologies like rules engines, code automation frameworks, and natural language processing (NLP).

This book provides step-by-step guidance on porting nine rules engines (CLIPS, JRuleEngine, Zilonis, Teamware, Roolie, OpenRules, JxBRE, and JEOPS) to the mobile platform.

Then, it describes how to use each rule engine to build a smart application. Sample code snippets are provided so the reader can start programming their smart application immediately.

The book also describes porting issues with other popular rules engines (Drools, Lisa, Take, Jess, and OpenRules). This book will guide the reader on automatically generating a smart working application based on requirement specifications.

This book concludes by showing the reader how to generate a smart application from unstructured knowledge using the NLP framework Stanford POS (part of speech) tagger.

Download Build Android-Based Smart Applications: Using Rules Engines, NLP and Automation Frame PDF 

Author(s): Mukherjee, Chinmoy

Publisher: Apress, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781484233276,9781484233269,1484233271

Download Build Android-Based Smart Applications by Chinmoy Mukherjee in PDF Format For Free. 


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