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Dart By Example 

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Book Description:

You can design and build modern web apps using Google’s bold and effective language and interesting example projects.

About This Book

It is full of exciting and different example projects that will teach you how to make your own web apps.

Learn the Dart language and essential libraries

Productively create fast and reliable web applications.

Who Is This Book For?

Suppose you are a front-end or back-end web developer who wants to build complex, full-featured web applications without the mess of disconnected JavaScript frameworks. In that case, this book is a practical walkthrough of substantial applications that will get you and your team coding Dart productively.

This book will give you a compiled, optionally typed, scalable environment to rapidly develop applications. As Dart was designed to be familiar, any developer with even a small amount of knowledge of JavaScript or another programming language will be at home with the language immediately and will be coding quickly.

What you will learn

Master the core Dart language, type system, and key development tools.

You can connect to existing web services, handle JSON, and make your own data display framework.

Run and debug the Dart server and web applications and compile them in JavaScript.

Handle form data as well as encryption.

Build and deploy server applications on the major OSes and implement the REST API.

Work with PostgreSQL—an industry-standard relational database system.

Create robust applications with unit tests, documentation, and diagnostic logging.

Develop command-line applications and explore the fundamental data structures and libraries.

In Detail

Designed to create next-generation apps, Google’s Dart offers a much more robust framework and also supersedes JavaScript in several aspects. It’s familiar yet innovative, compact yet scalable, and it removes the accumulated JavaScript legacy limitations. Dart was designed for excellent tolerability and developer productivity, allowing you to create better applications faster. Google chose it for their multibillion-dollar advertising business, and you can also use it for your projects.

This book will introduce you to the Dart language, starting from its conception to its current form, and where it is headed is through engaging in substantial practical projects. You will be shown how to build common apps and learn about HTML5’s exciting new technologies.

With example code projects such as a live data monitoring and viewing system, a blogging system, a slide presentation application, and more, this book will walk you through building data-driven web applications with ease and speed.

Approach and style

A varied collection of exciting practical Dart projects are developed progressively with full explanations of concepts and implementation. Each project shows how Dart can be used to make rich, well-structured web apps by introducing parts of the language and environment.


Dart By Example

Author(s): Davy Mitchell

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2015

ISBN: 9781785282478

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