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Learning Dart 

Learning Dart PDF Free

Book Description:

Learn how to use Dart 1.0, a programming language made to make applications better structured and run faster.

About This Book

  • Developing apps for the Web using Dart and HTML5
  • Build powerful HTML5 forms, validate and store data in local storage, and use web components to make your own user interface.
  • Make games by drawing and integrating audio and video in the browser.
  • Learn how to build an application using a fast-paced, model-driven approach.

Who Is This Book For?

If you want to become a web developer, or perhaps you already are a web developer but want to add Dart to your tool belt, then this book is for you. This book assumes you have at least some knowledge of HTML and web applications. Some previous programming experience, preferably in a modern language like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript, will also give you a head start. You can also work with Dart on your preferred platform, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows.

What you will learn

  • Structure your code using functions, classes, generics, packages, and libraries.
  • Domain model frameworks are used to model web applications.
  • Use the power of modern browsers for processing and storing data.
  • Build web games in HTML5 and code them in Dart.
  • Get an overview of the available UI and MVC frameworks to use with Dart.
  • With Dart’s Polymer framework, built on web components, you can make the complex user interfaces that business apps need.
  • MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases, and you can use Dart to connect to your MongoDB databases.

In Detail

Dart is a new open-source programming language for the Web. Developed by Google, Dart is gaining popularity and has a steadily growing community. It is a single language for both client and server that can be used with many devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and servers. It encompasses the lessons learned over the last two decades of web programming. Stop solving new challenges with the same old tools—let Dart show you a new way.

“Learning Dart” provides a thorough overview of this new open-source programming language. It will guide you step-by-step through building games and business applications for the Web, taking advantage of the power behind a modern language combined with HTML5.

“Learning Dart” starts by exploring the Dart ecosystem. This is followed by two chapters showing you everything you need to know about Dart’s syntax and development principles. Using examples, the rest of the book will show you how to apply what you’ve learned so far to more advanced topics.

You will explore how to build web games using HTML5, integrate audio and video into your applications, and process and show data in HTML5 forms with Dart. The book also shows how web components fit with HTML5 and how to apply them in business web applications. You also learn how to store data on the client, communicate data between client and server with JSON, and store JSON data with MongoDB.

“Learning Dart” provides you with everything you need to know to start or enhance your career in web development.


Download Learning Dart PDF Free

Author(s): Balbaert, Ivo; Ridjanovic, Dzenan

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2013

ISBN: 1849697426,978-1-84969-742-2



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