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Resisting Happiness Study Guide by Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness Study Guide by Matthew Kelly

A true story about why we sabotage ourselves, feel overwhelmed, set aside our dreams, and lack the courage to simply be ourselves. . . and how to start choosing happiness again!

Table Of Contents :

Session One

Chapter 1: Resistance
Chapter 2: Your Quest for Happiness
Chapter 3: Making Sense of Everything
Chapter 4: Resisting God
Chapter 5: Life Is Messy
Chapter 6: Something Is Missing
Session Two

Chapter 7: The Big Question
Chapter 8: Four Words
Chapter 9: Are You Spiritually Healthy?
Chapter 10: Get Busy Living
Chapter 11: Ordinary Things
Chapter 12: Living Soulfully
Session Three

Chapter 13: Hour by Hour
Chapter 14: Interesting People
Chapter 15: Falling in Love
Chapter 16: No Visitors
Chapter 17: An Unconventional Education
Chapter 18: Tuesday Nights
Session Four

Chapter 19: Bored?
Chapter 20: Learning to Listen
Chapter 21: The Power of Habits
Chapter 22: How Many Sundays Left?
Chapter 23: Attempted Murder
Chapter 24: Hungry
Session Five

Chapter 25: Breaking the Cycle
Chapter 26: You Cannot Succeed at Anything Without
Chapter 27: The Secret to Excellence
Chapter 28: The Light Is On
Chapter 29: Are You a Pilgrim or a Tourist?
Chapter 30: The First Intervention
Session Six

Chapter 31: A Weekend Away
Chapter 32: Let Your Light Shine
Chapter 33: Made for Mission
Chapter 34: When God Looks at a Résumè
Chapter 35: Don’t Let the Critics Win
Chapter 36: Blessed and Grateful
Chapter 37: Never Get Discouraged

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