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Illustrated sourcebook of mechanical components

    Book Name: Illustrated sourcebook of mechanical components
    Category: Mechanical Books
    Language: English
    Format: PDF
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    Illustrated sourcebook of mechanical components pdf

    Book Description: 

    User-friendly compendium of mechanical devices.

    A treasure chest of ideas and data, Robert O. Parmley’s Illustrated Sourcebook of Mechanical Components is testimony to centuries of engineering genius that produced the components that make modern mechanical wonders possible. Designed to stimulate new ideas, this unique, lavishly illustrated, and conveniently indexed reference shows you many designs and unique contributions hidden from technical literature for decades. This kaleidoscopic display of thousands of applications helps you find the perfect device quickly, including:

    *Power transmission u gears and gearing…chains, sprockets and ratchets…belts and belting…shafts and couplings…clutches *Connections – seals and packings…tube and pipe connections…bushings and bearings…locking and clamping…wire and cable *Single components – washers…retaining rings… o-rings…grommets, spacers and inserts…balls..springs…pins…cams…threaded components *Assemblies: fastening and joining…design hints… mechanisms…linkage…fabrication tips…innovative valving…pumps…creative assemblies You’ll also find design formulas, structural data, nomograms, charts, and unusual tables rarely found in conventional technical sources.


    Download Illustrated sourcebook of mechanical components PDF 

    Author(s): Robert Parmley

    Publisher: McGraw Hill, Year: 2000

    ISBN: 0070486174,9780070486171


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