Book Name: [PDF] HVAC Fundamentals by Samuel C. Sugarman
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HVAC Fundamentals Free PDF Book

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HVAC Fundamentals by Samuel C. Sugarman

HVAC Fundamentals by Samuel C. Sugarman PDF Free Download.

HVAC Fundamentals Contents

  • Chapter 1 HVAC Systems
  • Chapter 2 Heat Flow
  • Chapter 3 Heating and Ventilating Systems 
  • Chapter 4 Air Conditioning Systems
  • Chapter 5 Compressors
  • Chapter 6 Water Chillers
  • Chapter 7 Fans
  • Chapter 8 Air Distribution
  • Chapter 9 Variable Air Volume
  • Chapter 10 Pumps and Water Distribution
  • Chapter 11 Control Systems
  • Chapter 12 Control System Components
  • Chapter 13 Choosing an HVAC System
  • Chapter 14 Heat Recovery
  • Chapter 15 Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Chapter 16 Central Plant Water Chiller Optimization
  • Chapter 17 Fan Drives
  • Chapter 18 Terminology
  • Chapter 19 HVAC Timeline

Foreword to HVAC Fundamentals PDF

HVAC Fundamentals covers the full range of HVAC systems used in today’s facilities. This is a comprehensive book providing the reader with a detailed description of how HVAC systems operate.

The HVAC systems are divided into components and controls for air, water, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning to clearly illustrate the way in which each system, subsystem, control, or component contributes to providing the desired indoor environment.

The reader will learn why one component or system may be chosen over another with respect to design, application, energy conservation, indoor air quality, and cost.

The book also covers heat flow fundamentals and the heat flow calculations used in selecting equipment and determining system operating performance and costs. Fluid flow fundamentals and equations, and fundamentals of system testing and verification of system performance are also covered in this book.

This gives the reader a complete picture of systems from conception to operation. The chapters are organized in a way that one builds upon another and systems, components, design, and application are revisited as the reader gains knowledge and insight about the workings of HVAC systems.


Writers do not write alone. I would like to acknowledge just a few of those colleagues, friends, and family who shared their support, ideas and guidance for this project. Bill Payne, my acquisitions editor, for his intellectual support and stimulating ideas.

My friend and HVAC contractor Mark Makie, who has discussed HVAC issues with me for 25 years. Technical Safety Services, Inc., headquartered in Berkeley, California, gave me an arena for developing concepts and materials and then the space for testing and teaching them.

My family and loved ones who watched me stare at my laptop computer for hours on end, for bringing me sustenance, their critiques, and then leaving me in relative solitude almost alone. And the most special thanks to WJ down by the sea, to whom this book is dedicated.


HVAC Fundamentals PDF

Author(s): Samuel C. Sugarman

Publisher: Fairmont Press, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780881735598


Download HVAC Fundamentals by Samuel C. Sugarman PDF Free.



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