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”The second edition of a bestseller, this book combines an explanation of background theory with a step-by-step guide on analyzing common bridge forms. It includes practical examples of everyday problems in bridge engineering, which is beneficial for senior undergraduates and new engineering graduates. The new edition introduces reliability analysis, an emerging area that allows bridge engineers to assess risk when maintaining older or damaged bridges in service. Other chapters are updated to reflect the trend toward more sophisticated analysis and widespread access to Finite Element software.”

Table of contents :

Content: Introduction Introduction Factors affecting structural form Cross sections Bridge elevations Articulation Bearings Joints Bridge aesthetics Bridge loading Introduction Dead loading Imposed traffic loading Shrinkage and creep Thermal loading Impact loading Dynamic effects Pre-stress loading Introduction to bridge analysis Introduction Positioning the traffic load model on the bridge Differential settlement of supports Thermal expansion and contraction Differential temperature effects Pre-stress Analysis for the effects of creep Integral bridges Introduction Contraction of bridge deck Conventional spring model for deck expansion Modelling expansion with an equivalent spring at deck level Run-on slab Time-dependent effects in composite integral bridges Slab bridge decks – behaviour and modelling Introduction Thin-plate theory Grillage analysis of slab decks Planar FE analysis of slab decks Wood and armer equations Application of planar grillage and finite-element methods Introduction Simple isotropic slabs Edge cantilevers and edge stiffening Voided slab bridge decks Beam-and-slab bridges Cellular bridges Skew and curved bridge decks Three-dimensional modelling of bridge decks Introduction Shear lag and effective flange width Three-dimensional analysis using brick elements Upstand grillage modelling Upstand FE modelling Probabilistic assessment of bridge safety Introduction Code treatment of probability of failure Calculation of the probability of failure, Pf Resistance modelling Deterioration modelling Load modelling Probabilistic assessment of LS violation Component vs. system reliability analysis Case studies Introduction Reinforced concrete beam-and-slab deck Post-tensioned concrete slab deck Steel truss bridge Conclusion References Appendices Index


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Author(s): Eugene J O’Brien; Damien L Keogh; Alan O’Connor, (Bridge engineer)

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4822-2724-6


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