Book Name: Tourists in space: a practical guide
Category: Aerospace Engineering
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Tourists in space: a practical guide 

Tourists in space: a practical guide pdf

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Recent surveys have provided new and updated insights into the public’s perceptions of the nascent space tourism industry. Erik Seedhouse uniquely explores the cutting-edge technologies, spacecraft capabilities, launch vehicles, and training that will define this commercial enterprise and provides a manual for future suborbital and orbital private space explorers. This overview of the space tourism market is based upon the spaceflight participant’s choices, such as choice of agency, mode, and spaceport. There is a detailed explanation of the medical requirements for people who want to go on a space flight, focusing on possible waiver criteria. Over half of the book is a comprehensive astronaut training and instruction manual that addresses each of the 15 subjects required for suborbital and orbital flight. Following an introduction examining the commercial potential for space tourism, Section 1 covers suborbital flight. Chapter 1 opens with a description and analysis of the significance of SpaceShipOne. Chapter 2 gives the suborbital front-runner profiles, mission architectures, and technical aspects from launch to landing, while the following chapter details the training and medical requirements for space tourists. Section 2 covers the same elements for orbital flight, including a civilian astronaut training manual, enabling technologies, capabilities, and personnel. A description of the anticipated on-orbit phases will introduce the potential spaceflight participant or reader to the capsule, rendezvous, medical support, mission events, and de-orbit phase. Section 3 gives a detailed assessment of the future of space tourism based on current technologies, commercial applications, military use, and Lunar and Mars missions. Countries without space programs are also included. Erik Seedhouse provides a much-needed, well-rounded understanding of what promises to be the world’s most dynamic, multi-faceted, and exciting industry. He demonstrates how seemingly innocuous players debunk long-held beliefs about what can be accomplished in space despite inherent complexities and why this industry may soon define the new standard in space travel.

Tourists in space: a practical guide

Author(s): Erik Seedhouse

Series: Springer-Praxis books in space exploration

Publisher: Springer, Published in association with Praxis Pub., Chichester, UK, Year: 2008

ISBN: 9780387746432


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