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Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight

    Book Name: Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight
    Category: Aerospace Engineering
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    Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight 

    Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight pdf

    Book Description:

    Advances over the past decades in space flight technology have allowed U.S., Russian, and other space programs to increase not only the frequency of manned space flights but also increase the duration of these flights. As such, a large body of knowledge has been developed regarding how space flight affects the health of the personnel involved. Now, for the first time, this body of clinical knowledge on how to diagnose and treat conditions that either develop during a mission or because of a task has been compiled by Drs. Michael R. Barratt and Sam L. Pool of the NASA/Johnson Space Center. This text is a must-have for all those associated with aerospace medicine.

    Table of contents :

    Front Matter….Pages i-xiv
    Physical and Bioenvironmental Aspects of Human Space Flight….Pages 3-26
    Human Response to Space Flight….Pages 27-57
    Medical Evaluations and Standards….Pages 59-67
    Spaceflight Medical Systems….Pages 69-100
    Acute Care….Pages 101-122
    Surgical Capabilities….Pages 123-137
    Medical Evacuation and Vehicles for Transport….Pages 139-161
    Telemedicine….Pages 163-179
    Medical Imaging….Pages 181-207
    Space and Entry Motion Sickness….Pages 211-222
    Decompression-Related Disorders: Decompression Sickness, Arterial Gas Embolism, and Ebullism Syndrome….Pages 223-246
    Decompression-Related Disorders: Pressurization Systems, Barotrauma, and Altitude Sickness….Pages 247-271
    Renal and Genitourinary Concerns….Pages 273-292
    Musculoskeletal Response to Space Flight….Pages 293-306
    Immunologic Concerns….Pages 307-315
    Cardiovascular Disorders….Pages 317-359
    Neurologic Concerns….Pages 361-380
    Gynecologic and Reproductive Concerns….Pages 381-390
    Behavioral Health and Performance Support….Pages 391-412
    Fatigue, Sleep, and Chronotherapy….Pages 413-425
    Health Effects of Atmospheric Contamination….Pages 427-443
    Hypoxia, Hypercarbia, and Atmospheric Control….Pages 445-473
    Radiation Disorders….Pages 475-519
    Acoustics Issues….Pages 521-533
    Ophthalmologic Concerns….Pages 535-544
    Dental Concerns….Pages 545-557
    Spaceflight Metabolism and Nutritional Support….Pages 559-576
    Back Matter….Pages 577-596

    Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight PDF Free

    Author(s): Astronaut and Physician Michael R. Barratt M.D.,M.S. (auth.), Astronaut and Physician Michael R. Barratt M.D.,M.S., Chief Sam L. Pool M.D. (eds.)

    Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Year: 2008

    ISBN: 0387681647,9780387681641


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