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When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space

    Book Name: When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space
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    When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space 

    When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space pdf

    Book Description:

    Although it is a natural and inescapable part of life, death is a subject that is often neglected in psychotherapeutic literature and training. When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space, Laura Barnett and her contributors offer us insights into working with mortality in the therapeutic encounter.
    Taking an existential perspective, the book brings together a variety of client groups, all of whom have experienced a confrontation with mortality. It encourages the reader to engage with and reflect upon the subject of death. Although this may initially evoke anxiety and distress, Barnett and her contributors introduce the reader to the “vitality of death” (Koestenbaum): an energy and focus that can come from confronting our greatest fears and anxieties, including the anxiety aroused by our own mortality.

    Topics covered include:

    philosophical roots and principal approaches to existential therapy
    health-related issues, including cancer, HIV, and intensive care
    surviving violent trauma
    creating a safe space for the client
    short prognosis and palliative care

    When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space, it gives therapists a better understanding of what it’s like to go through such traumas and prepares them to help the client. It will be useful for trainee counselors and experienced therapists alike.

    Table of contents :

    Front Matter….Pages I-XXX
    Instruments for a Revolution….Pages 1-50
    Discovering Space….Pages 51-104
    Exploring Unseen Depths of the Sun….Pages 105-159
    Solving the Sun’s Heating Crisis….Pages 161-196
    Winds Across the Void….Pages 197-251
    Our Violent Sun….Pages 253-336
    Space Weather….Pages 337-405
    Appendix….Pages 407-410
    References….Pages 411-522
    Back Matter….Pages 523-556

    When Death Enters the Therapeutic Space: Existential Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Counselling PDF

    Author(s): Laura Barnett

    Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2008

    ISBN: 9780415416559


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