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Theory of Vibration Protection Book PDF

Author Evgeniy Lebed and Igor A. Karnovsky
Isbn 9783319280189
File size 8.84MB
Year 2016
Pages 674
Language English
File format PDF
Book Description:

This text is an advancement of the theory of vibration protection of mechanical systems with lumped and distributed parameters.The book offers various concepts and methods of solving vibration protection problems, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different methods, and the fields of their effective applications.

Fundamental approaches of vibration protection, which are considered in this book, are the passive, parametric and optimal active vibration protection. The passive vibration protection is based on vibration isolation, vibration damping and dynamic absorbers. Parametric vibration protection theory is based on the Shchipanov-Luzin invariance principle.Optimal active vibration protection theory is based on the Pontryagin principle and the Krein moment method.

The book also contains special topics such as suppression of vibrations at the source of their occurrenceand the harmfulinfluence of vibrations on humans.<

Numerous examples, which illustrate the theoretical ideas of each chapter, are included.

This book is intended forgraduate students and engineers.It is assumed thatareader has working knowledge of theory of vibrations, differential equations,andcomplex analysis.

About the Authors.

Igor A Karnovsky, Ph.D., Dr. Sci.,is a specialist in structural analysis, theory of vibration and optimal control of vibration. He has 40 yearsof experience in research, teaching and consulting in this field, and is the author of more than 70 published scientific papers, including two books in Structural Analysis (published with Springer in 2010-2012) and three handbooks in Structural Dynamics (published with McGraw Hill in 2001-2004). He also holds a number of vibration-control-related patents.

Evgeniy Lebed, Ph.D.,is a specialist in applied mathematics and engineering. He has 10 years of experience in research, teaching and consulting in this field. The main sphere of his research interests are qualitative theory of differential equations, integral transforms and frequency-domain analysis with application to image and signal processing. He is the author of 15 published scientific papers and a US patent (2015).

Theory of Vibration Protection PDF

Author(s): Igor A. Karnovsky, Evgeniy Lebed (auth.)

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-28018-9

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