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Spacecraft Thermal Control Technologies

    Book Name: Spacecraft Thermal Control Technologies
    Category: Aerospace Engineering
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    Spacecraft Thermal Control Technologies 

    Spacecraft Thermal Control Technologies pdf

    Book Description:

    This book presents fundamental theories, design and testing methodologies, and engineering applications concerning spacecraft thermal control systems, helping readers comprehensively understand spacecraft thermal control systems and technologies. With great design methods, advanced technologies, and typical applications to help them grasp the basic concepts and principles of engineering applications, it is mainly intended for engineering and technical staff engaged in spacecraft thermal control areas.
    The book discusses the thermal environments commonly used for space flight missions, rules and regulations for system design, thermal analysis and simulation, and thermal testing methods, as well as the design and validation of the thermal control systems for Chinese spacecraft, such as the Shenzhou spacecraft and Change Lunar Lander and Rover. It also introduces them to communication and remote sensing satellites. It presents advanced thermal control technologies developed in recent years, including heat transfer, heat insulation, heating, refrigeration, and thermal sensor technologies. The book is a useful theoretical and practical reference for researchers and engineers. It talks about the design and testing of thermal control systems for different types of Chinese spacecraft.


    Spacecraft Thermal Control Technologies PDF

    Author(s): Jianyin Miao, Qi Zhong, Qiwei Zhao, Xin Zhao

    Series: Space Science and Technologies

    Publisher: Springer, Year: 2020

    ISBN: 9789811549830


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