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Without Saying A Word by Wezowski

Without Saying A Word Grasp The Science Of Physique Language And Maximize Your Success by Kasia Wezowski and Patryk Wezowski | PDF Free Download.

Book Description:

One wrong move can undercut your message.

Believe it or not, our bodies speak louder than our words. Postures, gestures, and expressions convey reams of information—and often not what you’d expect. A smile, for example, is usually considered welcoming. But crook one corner of your mouth higher and you project superiority, subconsciously chasing other people away.

Without Saying a Wordexplains how even the subtlest motions have meaning. Distilling decades of research, the book deciphers these unspoken signals: from facial expressions and fleeting micro expressions to positive and negative body language. Discover which postures and gestures indicate confidence and build rapport—and which reveal disinterest, arrogance, or even aggression. Learn to end off-putting habits, accentuate good ones, and become an authentic and effective communicator.

Exhibiting body language that is open, honest, and self-assured increases your social influence and enhances your skill as a negotiator . . . while the ability to read the emotions and intentions of others is equally indispensable. Whether you’re making a presentation, pitching a project, or closing a deal, the right body language can be your best ally.

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Without Saying A Word Contents

  • The 5 Rules of Physique Language Intelligence 
  • Self-confident Physique Language 
  • Constructive Physique Language 
  • Adverse Physique Language 
  • How Physique Language Reveals Feelings 
  • Decoding Facial Expressions 
  • Microexpressions: The Lifeless Giveaways 
  • Decisionmaking Physique Language 
  • Apply Workouts

Introduction to Without Saying A Word PDF

Your Physique Language Intelligence Determines Your Success

A number of years in the past, Patryk and I have been invited to foretell the outcomes of a startup pitch contest in Vienna, the place 2,500 tech entrepreneurs have been competing.

We noticed the displays, however relatively than being attentive to the concepts the entrepreneurs pitched, we watched the physique language and micro-expressions of the judges as they listened.

We gave our predictions of who would win earlier than the winners have been introduced; as we and the viewers quickly realized, we have been spot on.

We had spoiled the shock. Two years later we have been invited again to the identical occasion. This time, as an alternative of watching the judges, we noticed the contestants.

Our activity was to not guess the winners however to find out how presenters’ nonverbal communication contributed to their success or failure. We evaluated every would-be entrepreneur on a scale from 0 to 15.

Individuals scored factors for every signal of optimistic, assured physique language, akin to smiling, sustaining eye contact, and persuasive gesturing. They misplaced factors for every unfavourable sign, akin to fidgeting, stiff hand actions, and averted eyes.

We discovered that contestants whose pitches have been rated within the prime eight by competitors judges scored a median of 8.3 on our fifteen-point scale, whereas those that didn’t place in that prime tier had a median rating of 5.5.

Constructive physique language strongly correlated with extra profitable outcomes. We’ve discovered comparable correlations within the political realm.

Let’s have a look at the final two U.S. presidential elections. In the course of the 2012 marketing campaign, we carried out a web-based research during which a thousand members—each Democrats and Republicans—watched two-minute video clips that includes Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at marketing campaign occasions delivering each impartial and emotional content material.

Webcams recorded the viewers’ facial expressions, and our group analyzed them for six key emotional responses recognized in psychology analysis: completely satisfied, shocked, afraid, disgusted, indignant, and unhappy.

We coded for the tenor of the emotion (optimistic or unfavourable) and the way strongly it appeared to be expressed. This evaluation confirmed that Obama sparked stronger emotional responses and fewer unfavourable ones.

Even a big variety of Republicans—16 %—reacted negatively to Romney. After we analyzed the candidates’ physique language, we discovered that Obama’s resembled these of our pitch contest winners.

He displayed primarily open, optimistic, assured positions congruent together with his speech. Romney, by distinction, typically gave out unfavourable indicators, diminishing his message with contradictory and distracting facial expressions and motion.

The 2016 presidential election additionally revealed a stark distinction between the physique language of the 2 candidates, which was noticeable all through the debates. Whereas Obama was in a position to acquire a bonus over Romney partly due to his extra convincing nonverbal communication, within the 2016 election neither Clinton nor Trump was in a position to make use of physique language to create a optimistic impression.

Trump’s hypermasculine conduct and his disconcerting behavior of following Clinton on stage as she talked have been extremely off-putting to many viewers and voters. Clinton was extra managed than Trump, however maybe an excessive amount of so.

She was extensively seen as inauthentic; her studied mannerisms, in reality, made it more durable for the viewers to attach along with her. Neither Clinton nor Trump’s debate efficiency was unhealthy sufficient to alienate their core audiences.

A massive variety of folks responded properly to Clinton’s composure; likewise, different folks appreciated Trump’s brash swagger. Nevertheless, if one of many candidates had been in a position to behave a bit extra like Obama and kind an genuine reference to voters exterior their regular base, it might have improved their probabilities by widening their enchantment.

After all, the elections didn’t hinge on physique language! Nor did the outcomes of the startup competitors. However the fitting sorts of nonverbal communication do correlate with success.

Nice Communicators Learn Physique Language

Though most of us like to consider ourselves as rational decisionmakers, ample analysis reveals that feelings play an outsized function in gross sales and negotiations.

In case you can’t learn what your counterpart is feeling and as an alternative focus solely on what she is saying, you’re extremely unlikely to realize all the pieces you may have. After all, skilled negotiators know find out how to masks their true emotions.

They select their phrases, tone, physique language, and expressions fastidiously. To the common observer, they typically seem impartial, emotionless. Or they’re in a position to convincingly faux an emotion in the event that they suppose it is going to assist them advance their very own pursuits.

Nevertheless, there’s a method to learn what your counterpart is feeling even when they’re intentionally attempting to cover it from you. The key is to concentrate to the spontaneous and involuntary microexpressions that quickly flit throughout everybody’s faces at instances of intense emotion.

If you realize what to search for, microexpressions can present an immediate, trustworthy window into how your counterpart is feeling.

In our work in physique language analysis and instruction, we’ve lengthy theorized that one of many key variations between distinctive negotiators or salespeople and people who are merely common is the power to learn these microexpressions.

This permits them to gauge visceral reactions to concepts or proposals, after which strategically steer the opposite individual towards a most popular final result. To check this concept, we carried out two experiments utilizing movies that measure customers’ capacity to acknowledge these expressions.

Within the first research, we in contrast the video check scores of salespeople from the Myo Firm with their performances and located that these with above-average scores noticeably outsold their colleagues. The second experiment concerned salespeople from a BMW showroom in Rome, Italy.

We discovered that top performers (who had offered greater than sixty vehicles in the newest quarter) scored nearly twice as excessive on the check as low performers. Our conclusion: Efficient negotiators appear to be naturally good at studying microexpressions.

Anybody Can Improve Their Physique Language Intelligence

Physique language intelligence is carefully correlated with skilled success and normal happiness. Projecting a assured, reliable physique language enhances the impression of your displays.

The power to learn physique language and microexpressions improve your talent as a negotiator and salesperson. Learning physique language will increase your emotional intelligence, which reinforces the standard of all your relationships.

Some persons are born with a pure present for physique language, however anybody can study to extend their physique language intelligence by research and observe. Six years in the past, we have been requested to develop a coaching course for name facilities.

The members within the course solely had contact with their clients by phone. You would possibly suppose that the decision heart operatives may finest study to work together higher with clients by studying the fitting set of “formulation”: find out how to ship the suitable gross sales pitch within the acceptable method to land greater orders or to appease troublesome purchasers.

After quite a lot of the course members gave an illustration of how they deal with their phone conversations, we advised them that our coaching wouldn’t deal with studying set formulation or on right voice intonation.

As a substitute, we wished them to focus on the physique language of the folks giving the demonstrations. Specifically, we requested what they might deduce from the posture and angle of those demonstrators.

It quickly turned clear that physique language may have a serious affect on the ensuing conversations. One of many members sat in a really uncomfortable place and had a furrowed forehead whereas she talked to clients.

Because of this, she sounded irritated. One other leaned again in his chair together with his legs large open. His face had a superior look, which was mirrored by the conceited tone in his voice. This made his dialog associate—the shopper on the opposite finish of the road—much less prepared to reply his questions.

A third participant was hunched up in a posture that betrayed insecurity—which was plain to listen to in the way in which she spoke. A fourth individual flicked by his guide of gross sales formulation whereas conducting his dialog.

He sounded distracted and failed to focus on what he was saying and listening to, which made his dialog associate really feel ignored and unimportant. What’s putting about these completely different approaches is that each one the members have been following precisely the identical dialog plan and talking precisely the identical phrases, which they’d all realized by coronary heart.

Nevertheless, their physique language had a huge impact on the way in which they really spoke, which in flip had a huge impact on the way in which their dialog companions skilled listening to them.

We realized from these observations that it was extra vital for us to focus on physique language and on altering the members’ work posture/angle, than on attempting to change their voices or the content material of the phrases.

It additionally quickly turned clear that a few of the trainees have been transferring their very own unhealthy moods to the folks they have been speaking to. This unfavourable method might have been carried over from the way in which they felt at dwelling, or it might have been the results of some private conviction, or it might merely have been induced by one thing that had irritated the participant earlier within the day.

Regardless of the cause, their physique language throughout their phone conversations with their clients spoke volumes about what they have been actually feeling inside.

Simply as crucially, their nonverbal conduct had a strong affect on their clients, who in flip turned nervous, irritated, or conceited. This confirmed what we already knew: Physique language reveals what is going on inside your physique and thoughts.

If you wish to change that physique language, the one method to do it’s to start out with your personal feelings and moods.

Altering Your Physique Language

The coaching for the decision heart operatives started with leisure workout routines to assist enhance their normal temper. Many members took our recommendation to take part in sports activities between coaching classes and to dedicate extra time to issues they appreciated doing.

One in every of them started coming to work on his bike. One other went swimming two or 3 times every week. Some determined to spend extra high quality time with their households. Others acquired into meditation or mindfulness.

The purpose was to loosen up the strain of their muscle mass since that stress made their voices sound stiff and funky when talking on the telephone.

A secondary goal was to make them conscious that their work took up the biggest a part of their day so it was value making an effort to make that work extra nice, no matter whether or not they did the job as a result of they appreciated it or as a result of it was only a method to pay the payments.

As a substitute of being irritated and pissed off for forty hours every week, impatiently ready for the weekend to return, absolutely it was higher to really feel relaxed at work, laughing along with your colleagues, and exhibiting extra understanding to your clients?

This was the core of our message. Every group had six days of coaching divided into three cycles. We additionally labored on the members’ verbal communication, however we at all times associated it to a aware consciousness of their physique language.

This not solely gave members better perception into one of the best methods to make use of with their clients but additionally gave them a extra optimistic angle towards their work. One of many firm administrators commented afterward that it was nearly like getting a very new set of workers, so nice was the change of their voices and their kinds of communication.

All of the transformations have been realized on the degree of the members’ physique language, which promoted higher contact with their clients.

Why? As a result of your physique language expresses your feelings, and this language is extra vital than the language of mere phrases.

Individuals not solely react to what you say, however to what you do and the way in which you do it. In different phrases, to your physique language.

How Scientifically Legitimate Are Interpretations of Physique Language?

There was a protracted dispute between those that declare that the interpretation of physique language is grounded in science and people who argue that it’s unscientific. We wish to use the next instance to make clear our place:

What’s yawning? For a few years, it was thought that the aim of yawning was to convey extra air into the physique when it was in brief provide.

Nevertheless, in 2002 Mark A. W. Andrews printed a paper during which he argued that this concept was incorrect for the reason that lungs usually are not independently able to recognizing a decrease degree of oxygen within the bodily system.

In 2007, Andrew C. Gallup and Gordon G. Gallup investigated whether or not or not yawning would possibly serve to decrease the temperature of the mind. On the Worldwide Convention on Yawning, it was introduced that yawning is an expression of arousal. Since then, a number of different researchers have given completely different explanations.

In different phrases, even an simply identifiable and seemingly easy bodily motion like yawning has no universally accepted interpretation.

Equally, the proper interpretation of physique language is primarily depending on information of and your expertise with the phenomenon. Our interpretations are based mostly on probably the most present scientific research.

However the science of physique language resides science: On a regular basis new and engaging discoveries are being made about the way in which the human physique works. As you will note, some interpretations are culture-dependent.

Different elements are pushed by human evolution, and subsequently realized by us all from an early age, or else are observable in an analogous kind in nature.

The main target of this ebook is to supply easy, clear, and usable tips to individuals who need to apply the science of nonverbal communication in on a regular basis conversations.

The ebook must also fulfill those that want to see the scientific proof on which our tips are based mostly, notably within the sections coping with microexpressions, the eyes, and the smile. For additional research, it’s also possible to test our supply materials utilizing the bibliography on the finish of the ebook.


Without Saying a Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success

Author(s): Kasia Wezowski; Patryk Wezowski

Publisher: AMACOM, Year: 2018

ISBN: 081443973X


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