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The Last Course Book Pdf Free DownloadThe Last Course By Claudia Fleming

A beautiful new edition of “the greatest dessert cooking book in the history of the world” (Bon appetite), featuring 175 timeless recipes from gramercy tavern’s James beard award-winning pastry chef.

Claudia Fleming is a renowned name in the pastry world, acclaimed for having set an industry wide standard at new York city’s gramercy tavern with her James beard award-winning desserts. With the last course, dessert lovers everywhere will be able to re-create and savor her impressive repertoire at home. Fleming’s desserts have won a range of Awards because they embody her philosophy of highly satisfying food without pretension, a perfect balance for home cooks. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients at the peak of their flavour, Fleming creates straightforward yet enchanting desserts that are somehow equal to much more than the sum of their parts. She has an uncanny ability to match contrasting textures, flavours, and temperatures to achieve a perfect result-placing something brittle and crunchy next to something satiny and smooth, and stretching the definition of sweet and savory while retaining an elemental simplicity. The last course contains 175 mouth-watering recipes that are organized seasonally by fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and flowers, spices, sweet essences, dairy, and chocolate. In the final br>Chapter, Fleming suggests how to combine and assemble desserts from the previous chapters to create the ultimate composed desserts. And each br>Chapter and each composed dessert is paired with a selection of wines. Recipes include raspberry-lemon verbena meringue cake, blueberry-cream cheese Tarts with Graham Cracker crust, Cherry Cheesecake tart with a red wine glaze, Concord Grape sorbet, Apple tarte tatin, Chestnut souffles with armagnac-nutmeg custard sauce, buttermilk panna cotta with sauternes gelee, warm chocolate ganache cakes, and more. Beautifully illustrated with more than eighty color photographs throughout, the last course is a timeless, one-of-a-kind collection filled with original recipes that will inspire dessert enthusiasts for years to come. Praise for the last course “while I must admit to being particularly partial to claudia’s buttermilk panna cotta, every dessert in the last course made me salivate. Claudia’s inspired recipes are so beautifully transcribed that even the most nervous of home cooks will feel comfortable trying them and will be a four-star chef for the day.”-Daniel boulud “the goddess of new American pastry.”-Elle.

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