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Praying To Get Results Kenneth E. Hagin pdf free book

Praying to Get Results by Kenneth E. Hagin is an insightful and inspiring book that teaches readers how to pray effectively and receive answers from God. This book provides practical guidance to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of prayer and connect with God more meaningfully.

Throughout the pages of this book, readers will learn about the power of faith-filled prayer and discover how to pray in accordance with the Word of God. With inspirational stories and powerful testimonies, Praying to Get Results will encourage readers to seek God’s will for their lives and trust Him to answer their prayers.

Unlike other books on prayer that merely offer shallow platitudes, this book provides practical strategies for overcoming obstacles to prayer and receiving results. Whether you are new to prayer or a seasoned prayer warrior, Praying to Get Results is a valuable resource that will inspire you to deepen your relationship with God and experience the life-transforming power of prayer.

Praying to Get Results

Author(s): Kenneth E. Hagin

Year: 1980

ISBN: 0892760133,9780892760138


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