Book Name: Introduction to avionics systems
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Introduction to avionics systems 

Introduction to avionics systems pdf

Book Description:

Introduction to Avionic Systems, Third Edition explains the basic principles and underlying theory of the core avionic systems in modern civil and military aircraft, comprising the pilot’s head-up and head-down displays, data entry and control systems, fly-by-wire flight control systems, inertial sensor, and air data systems, navigation systems, autopilots, and flight management systems. The implementation and integration of these systems with current (2010) technology are explained and the methods adopted to meet the very high safety and integrity requirements. The systems are analyzed from the physical laws governing their behavior, so the system design and response can be understood, and the performance examined. Working examples show how the theory can be applied and an engineering “feel” gained from a simplified model. Physical explanations are also set out, and the text is structured so readers can “fast forward” through the maths if they wish. Introduction to Avionic Systems, Third Edition meets the needs of graduates, or equivalent, entering the aerospace industries who have been educated in a wide range of disciplines, for example, electronic engineering, computing science, mathematics, physics, and mechanical and aeronautical engineering. It also meets the needs of engineers at all levels working in particular areas of avionics who require an understanding of other avionic systems. Technology is continually advancing, and this new third edition has been revised and updated, and the presentation improved where appropriate. The system coverage has also been increased, and a new section on helicopter flight control has been added.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xvi
Introduction….Pages 1-17
Displays and Man–Machine Interaction….Pages 19-99
Aerodynamics and Aircraft Control….Pages 101-177
Fly-by-Wire Flight Control….Pages 179-253
Inertial Sensors and Attitude Derivation….Pages 255-302
Navigation Systems….Pages 303-376
Air Data and Air Data Systems….Pages 377-413
Autopilots and Flight Management Systems….Pages 415-458
Avionics Systems Integration….Pages 459-487
Unmanned Air Vehicles….Pages 489-498
Back Matter….Pages 499-530


Introduction to avionics systems PDF

Author(s): R.P.G. Collinson (auth.)

Publisher: Springer Netherlands, Year: 2011

ISBN: 9789400707078


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