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Industrial Power Systems by Shoaib Khan 

Industrial Power Systems pdf book

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Shoaib Khan was an electrical engineer who worked for over 40 years in power systems engineering, application, and protective relaying for power (hydro, thermal, nuclear), pulp and paper, mining and metals, and chemical plants in North America and overseas.

Born in India, he received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering with a major in electric power from Banares Hindu University in 1957.

He worked with Kaiser Engineers and M.N. Dastur & Co in India until 1965 when he immigrated to Canada with his wife and young daughter.

In Canada, he was responsible for the engineering, constructing, and operating steel, aluminum, and power plants.

He soon became known as an expert in power systems and protection, and organized, developed, and taught courses in those areas.

He wrote numerous technical papers on power systems, application engineering, and protection, some of which have been published in IAS/PES transactions and Pulp & Paper Canada.

Shoaib was a senior Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member and was very active with the IEEE Education Committee (Montreal Section) for over thirty years.

He received the IEEE Centennial and Third Millennium Medals for achievement in education, the Honoured Engineers Medal, and the Meritorious Engineering Award from the IEEE Pulp and Paper Industry Committee in 2001.

He was also an auxiliary professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and a guest lecturer with the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University, Montreal, where he organized, developed, and taught courses in power systems and protection.

All his colleagues and friends will remember Shoaib for his dedication to the advancement of applied engineering, and for his hard work and dedication to education in his field of endeavor.

He was an outstanding engineer, a true friend to his colleagues, and a committed educator and supporter of young engineers.

Industrial Power Systems Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 System Planning
  • Chapter 3 Power System Studies
  • Chapter 4 System Neutral Grounding
  • Chapter 5 Power Transformers and Reactors
  • Chapter 6 Instrument Transformers
  • Chapter 7 Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, and Motor Control Center
  • Chapter 8 Station Battery
  • Chapter 9 Application and Protection of Medium-Voltage Motors
  • Chapter 10 Power and Control Cables
  • Chapter 11 Protection
  • Chapter 12 High-Voltage Substation Design Considerations
  • Chapter 13 Substation Grounding Design Considerations
  • Chapter 14 Electrical Aspects of Power Generation
  • Chapter 15 Application of Capacitors
  • Chapter 16 Impact of Nonlinear Loads on Power System and Equipment

Introduction to Industrial Power Systems eBook

Based on the author’s 40 years of hands-on experience in many industries, Industrial Power Systems provides the practicing engineer with modern, wide-ranging, and practical information, from the planning and design of electrical supply to electrical installations for industrial power systems.

Using materials from IEEE courses developed for practicing engineers (under the banner of the IEEE Montreal Section), this comprehensive book provides a wealth of practical experience in a readable tone.

The book illustrates the importance of power systems, which are sometimes overlooked in practice. A power system is very much like culture, varying from one type of industry to another in the same manner as traditions vary from one ethnic group to another.

Each industry tries to maintain its own traditional practices which were evolved just after World War II. Those practices were influenced by economic constraints, process needs, the technology available at that time, and fast growth.

Some industries still try to maintain the same traditions when it comes to their power system but keep modernizing in the areas of controls and communications.

The main reason for the present situation is a lack of awareness for a reliable system on the part of power engineers and senior managers.

The power system is still treated as a service only and not considered as an essential element to maintain product quality and continuity of operations.

Also, the plant power distribution system generally represents a relatively small portion of the entire plant cost (5% to 10%), yet the production and output of the other 90% to 95% of plant investment are dependent on the service delivered by that investment in the power distribution system.

The investment will return a profit only if electric power is continuously available in the desired quantities and quality.

This book covers the salient engineering features and design procedures, including power system studies, grounding, instrument transformers, medium-voltage meters, and many more topics. Chapters are easy to use and sufficiently detailed to address plant design engineering problems.

An exhaustive list of standards and technical papers is also provided for further study. Long overdue, Industrial Power Systems are a must-have for anyone involved in power engineering, including students, instructors, engineers, and senior management involved in designing and maintaining power distribution systems.


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Author(s): Shoaib Khan, Sheeba Khan, Ghariani Ahmed

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780824724436,0824724437

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