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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by S. k. Mondal

– Properties of Fluids.

– Stress and its Measurement.

– Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces.

– Buoyancy and Flotation.

– Fluid Kinematics.

– Fluid Dynamics.

– Dimensional and Mannequin Evaluation.

– Boundary Layer Idea.

– Laminar Move.

– Turbulent Move.

– Move by means of Pipes.

– Move by means of Orifices and Mouthpieces.

– Move over notches and weirs.

– Move round Submerged Our bodies-Drag and Elevate.

– Compressible Move.

– Move in Open Channels.

– Pressure Exerted on Surfaces.

– Hydraulic Turbine.

– Centrifugal Pump.

– Reciprocating Pumps.

– Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines.

Properties of Fluids (Highlights)

Definition of fluid

A fluid is a substance which deforms constantly when subjected to exterior shearing forces. Traits of fluid

1. It has no particular form of its personal, however conforms to the form of the containing vessel.

2. Even a small quantity of shear pressure exerted on a fluid will trigger it to bear a deformation which

continues so long as the pressure continues to be utilized.

3. It’s attention-grabbing to notice {that a} strong suffers pressure when subjected to shear forces whereas a fluid suffers Charge of Pressure i.e. it flows underneath related circumstances.


1. The hydraulic accumulator is a tool used to retailer the power of fluid underneath strain and make this power obtainable to hydraulic machines corresponding to presses, lifts and cranes. Its motion is much like that of {an electrical} storage battery. Capability of hydraulic accumulator = p x A x L [Where p = liquid pressure supplied by pump, A = area of the sliding ram, and L = stroke or lift of the ram.]

2. A differential accumulator is a particular sort of accumulator that’s used for storing power at excessive strain by comparatively small load on the ram.

3. Hydraulic intensifier is a tool which will increase the depth of strain of a given liquid with the assistance of low strain liquid of enormous amount

4. Hydraulic press is a tool used for lifting heavy hundreds by the applying of a lot smaller pressure. It’s primarily based on Pascal’s legislation.

5. Hydraulic crane is a tool which is used for lifting heavy hundreds (upto 25 MN).

6. Hydraulic carry is a tool used for carrying individuals and hundreds from one flooring to a different.

7. Hydraulic ram is a tool with which small portions of water could be pumped to larger ranges from the obtainable giant amount of water of low head, The effectivity of hydraulic ram.

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