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Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting by Augie Hand

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting PDF free Download

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting Second Version by Augie Hand

Concerning the Author

Augie Hand has over 40 j^ears of expertise within the electrical motor area. He owned and operated an electrical motor restore store for 15 years and originated and taught the Electric Motor Restore course for 8 years at Southwestern Technical Institute in Jackson, MN. Mr.

Hand has been presenting seminars to electrical motor restore retailers and massive industrial companies for over 15 jears. He’s additionally the co-author of Electric Motor Restore, third ed., which is taken into account the business “Bible.”

Fundamental Contents of Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    • Troubleshooting and Testing the DC Machine
    • Armature Issues
    • Brush Issues
    • Impartial Location within the Stator and Armature
    • Subject Testing the DC Machine
    • Finding Issues within the DC Machine
    • Finding Issues within the Shunt Subject
    • Drawing Easy Schematics of a Shunt Subject
    • Finding Issues within the Collection Subject
    • Figuring out Leads of a Compound DC Motor with an Ohmmeter
    • Capacitor Check System
    • The Squirrel Cage Rotor
    • AC Electric Motor Idea
    • AC Terminology
    • Inductive Reactance
    • Capacitance and Capacitive Reactance
    • Oil-Crammed Capacitor
    • Electrolytic Capacitors
    • The Collection Generator
    • The Compound Generator
    • The DC Arc Welder
    • Interpoles
    • Operation of a DC Motor
    • The Shunt Motor
    • The Everlasting Magnet DC Motor
    • The Collection Motor
    • The Compound DC Motor
    • The Stabilized Shunt Motor
    • Velocity Management for a Compound DC Motor
    • Armature Parts
    • The Single-Section Motor
  • Shaded-Pole Motor
  • Break up-Section Motor
  • Capacitor Motors
  • Thermal Protecting Gadgets
  • Various Begin-Winding Switches
  • The Three-Section Induction Motor
  • Operation ofthe Three-Section Motor
  • Amperes and Rotor Bar Design
  • Introduction to Three-Section Motor Varieties
  • Multi velocity Motors Multimode 9-Lead Three-Section Motors
  • Figuring out the Triple-Mode, 9-Lead Three-Section Motor
  • Three-Section Servo Motors
  • Figuring out the Three-Section Induction Motor
  • Troubleshooting Three-Section Motors
  • Figuring out Unmarked Leads in a 9-Lead Three-Section Motor
  • Typical Winding Issues
  • When Motors Overheat
  • Troubleshooting Much less Frequent Motors
  • Finding Motor Faults
  • Bearing Maintenance
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Check Devices and Providers

Introduction to Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Worldwide competitors has compelled massive modifications in business. Predictive and preventive upkeep packages have changed reactive upkeep.

These packages are vital elements within the revenue and, in quite a few circumstances, the survival of many industries. The associated fee per hour of downtime clearly illustrates the necessity for such packages.

This Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting ebook explains electrical motor idea and troubleshooting strategies. Its intent is to tell the technician in direct language with out pointless math and cross-references.

Efficient electrical motor upkeep and troubleshooting require an entire understanding of a motor’s inner construction.

The electrical motor idea on this textual content is immediately relatable to upkeep and troubleshooting. The mathematics and motor idea  will not be meant for use as precise formulation for designing or redesigning a motor or {an electrical} system. As a substitute, they’re immediately utilized to motor issues and options.

The Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting ebook covers all sorts of AC and DC motors. DC motor and generator operation (and parts) shall be defined first, adopted by AC single-phase motors, and then three-phase motors.

Connections and their numbering programs are included with the outline of every machine. Two troubleshooting procedures shall be offered.

The primary process exams the machine’s parts to shortly see if it must be eliminated for restore. The subsequent process locates the issue contained in the machine.

Though electrical machine issues could be tough, there isn’t a drawback that doesn’t have an evidence and an answer. It is only a matter of gathering all of the information, and making use of the suitable logic.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting PDF

Author(s): Augie Hand

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education TAB, Year: 2011

ISBN: 0071763953,9780071763950

A fully up-to-date, hands-on guide to electric motors
Keep electric motors running at peak performance! Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Second Edition explains in detail how all types of AC and DC motors work. Essential for anyone who needs to buy, install, troubleshoot, maintain, or repair small to industrial-size electric motors, this practical guide contains new information on three-phase motors along with coverage of the latest test instruments.

Drawing on his more than 40 years of experience working with electric motors, expert author Augie Hand provides a wealth of tested procedures to pinpoint and correct any kind of issue. He’ll help you decide whether to replace a motor, take it offline for repair, or repair it in place–decisions that can reduce down time. End-of-chapter questions reinforce the material covered in the book. Quickly and accurately diagnose electric motor problems and find effective solutions with help from this fully updated classic.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Second Edition covers:

Troubleshooting and testing DC machines
AC electric motor theory
Single-phase motors
Three-phase induction motors
Troubleshooting less common motors, including synchronous, two-speed one-winding, and multispeed
Test instruments and services

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