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Practical Lighting Design With LEDs by Ron Lenk and Carol Lenk

THE LIGHTING REVOLUTION:LEDs are bringing in a brand new period in lighting. Much like the evolution of computing energy that computer systems went by way of, from vacuum tubes to the silicon – based mostly semiconductor brains of recent – day computer systems, lighting is now poised to experience an exponential progress wave in efficancy.

From oil lamps to the invention of the Edison mild bulb 100 years in the past to the fluorescent lights of 50 years in the past to the LEDs of right this moment, lighting know-how is lastly becoming a member of the trendy world of stable – state know-how. Within the close to time period, LED – based mostly lighting will more and more grow to be the environment friendly mild supply of selection, changing each incandescent and fluorescents.

The hurdles that hold shoppers from adopting current – day power environment friendly lighting, comparable to form, colour high quality, the presence of poisonous mercury, and restricted lifetime, are all higher addressed by LEDs. In the long run, LED – based mostly lighting might be higher and cheaper than each different mild supply.

It’ll grow to be the defacto mild of selection. LED lighting might be low cost, environment friendly, and utilized in ways in which haven ’ t been imagined but. It’ll rework the $100 billion lighting trade, and with transformation comes alternative.


Lighting is the final fi eld that also makes use of vacuum tubes. All electronics right this moment use built-in circuits due to the large benefi ts in efficiency and value. However an incandescent bulb is a sort of vacuum tube, and so is a fl uorescent bulb. LEDs are stable – state units, the identical as the remainder of electronics. The quantity of sunshine that an LED can convert from 1 W of energy is already on par with one of the best fl uorescent tubes.

The longer term is even brighter as LEDs are anticipated to double that efficiency within the subsequent decade, and then go on to succeed in the bodily limits of electrical energy to mild conversion. We look ahead to seeing the final ceiling – mounted vacuum tube within the not – too – distant future.


The advantages of utilizing LEDs for lighting are many. The obvious is their effi ciency. Lighting accounts for 20% of complete electrical energy use all through the world right this moment. Utilizing LEDs may lower this right down to 4% or much less. As LEDs grow to be the dominant mild supply over the subsequent decade, the discount of power used and greenhouse gases emitted will benefi t everybody.

Customers will save a whole bunch of {dollars} yearly from lowered power use. Constructing homeowners will save much more. Utilities might be higher outfitted to handle progress. And the earth will expertise the buildup of fewer greenhouse gases, in addition to a discount within the emission of poisonous mercury present in fluorescent lighting.


As stable – state units, LEDs have extraordinarily lengthy lifetimes. They haven’t any fi laments to interrupt. They’ll ’ t leak air into their vacuum as a result of they don ’ t use a vacuum. The truth is, they don ’ t actually break in any respect; they only very progressively get dimmer. Think about altering your mild bulb solely a few times in your whole lifetime!


Simply as microprocessors obtained cheaper and extra highly effective, LEDs may even benefi t from the associated fee – discount methods developed within the semiconductor trade. LED mild costs will finally lower to be on par with incandescent bulbs.

Taken along with LEDs ’ lowered power utilization, it will allow the common availability of lighting. Think about each little one within the poorest village having a lightweight to learn by. The design of LED – based mostly lighting programs is an thrilling subject, however they’re pretty technical units. With this e-book, we hope to allow the reader to do nice issues with lighting, each for him – or herself and for the world.

Ron Lenk

Carol Lenk

Practical Lighting Design with LEDs PDF

Author(s): Ron Lenk, Carol Lenk

Publisher: IEEE/Wiley, Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-119-16531-6

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