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Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook by Surinder Parkash

Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook Together with Specialty Merchandise and Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies by Surinder Parkash, Ph.D. PDF Free Download
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State-of-the-Art Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing TechniquesWritten by a global expert in petroleum engineering, this is the most up-to-date and comprehensive handbook on the manufacturing, blending, and end uses of petroleum fuels and specialty products. This definitive volume contains in-depth technical information on petroleum processing as well as specifications and test methods for petroleum products. The latest sustainable manufacturing techniques designed to reduce atmospheric pollution and conserve petroleum feedstock are also covered. This is an essential resource for anyone involved in the manufacturing, blending, storage, and trading of petroleum fuels and specialty products. Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook covers:Liquefied petroleum gasNaphthaGasolineKeroseneDiesel fuelsResidual fuel oilsBitumen Petroleum cokeCarbon blackLubricant base stocksLubricating oils and greasesSynthetic lubricantsTurbine oilsRe-refined used oilWaxesMetalworking fluidsMetal finishing quenchantsHydraulic fluidsPesticidesHydrocarbon solventsRefrigeration gasesTransformer oilsMineral oils

Author of Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook

Surinder Parkash, PH.D.

Parkash has over three a long time of expertise in petroleum refining and the associated fields of course of design, refinery operational planning, worldwide advertising and marketing, and challenge planning.

He has labored with many well-known corporations and organizations such because the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Iraq Nationwide Oil Firm, Bahrain Nationwide Oil Firm, and Kuwait Nationwide Petroleum Firm.

He’s the creator of Petroleum Refining Handbook, printed by Gulf Skilled Publishing. At current, Dr. Parkash is president of NAFT-ASIA (, an unbiased consulting agency.

Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Contents

Half 1 Petroleum Fuels

  • Chapter 1. Liquefied Petroleum Fuel 
  • Chapter 2. Naphtha 
  • Chapter 3. Gasoline 
  • Chapter 4. Kerosene 
  • Chapter 5. Diesel Fuels
  • Chapter 6. Residual Gasoline Oils

Half 2 Petroleum Specialty Merchandise

  • Chapter 7. Bitumen 
  • Chapter 8. Petroleum Coke 
  • Chapter 9. Carbon Black 
  • Chapter 10. Lube Base Shares 
  • Chapter 11. Lubricating Oil Mixing 
  • Chapter 12. Artificial Lubricants 
  • Chapter 13. Turbine Oils 
  • Chapter 14. Used Oil Re-Refining 
  • Chapter 15. Lubricating Greases 
  • Chapter 16. Waxes 
  • Chapter 17. Metalworking Fluids
  • Chapter 18. Metallic Ending Quenchants 
  • Chapter 19. Hydraulic Fluids 
  • Chapter 20. Petroleum Merchandise as Pesticides 
  • Chapter 21. Hydrocarbon Solvents 
  • Chapter 22. Refrigeration Gases 
  • Chapter 23. Transformer/Electrical Insulating Oils 
  • Chapter 24. White Mineral Oils

Preface to Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook PDF

Petroleum merchandise are in all places round us. They seem in seen kinds, reminiscent of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and plane fuels, and in much less seen kinds over your entire spectrum of business, reminiscent of car lubricants, greases, carbon black for truck tires, bitumen for street constructing, the waterproofing in home roofs, feedstock for petrochemicals, artificial fibers, and plastics.

Petroleum feedstock is used within the manufacture of white mineral oils in eye ointment, hair oils, cosmetics, petroleum solvents, and pest management sprays.

Transportation fuels, nevertheless, stay a very powerful use of petroleum. The consumption of petroleum merchandise all through the world is ever-increasing to fulfill the rising power wants of nations. However this fast rise has led to undesirable air and water air pollution ranges.

Environmental air pollution impacts everybody on the planet. Over the last 20 years, the manufacture and mixing of petroleum merchandise have modified quickly, with a view to cut back atmospheric air pollution and preserve petroleum feedstock.

The lead phaseout from gasoline, sulfur discount in all transportation fuels, and new lube-making applied sciences that produce longer-lasting engine oils or decrease gasoline consumption are just a few illustrations of those adjustments.

This e-book surveys the manufacture, mixing, properties, specs, and makes use of of petroleum fuels and specialty merchandise (merchandise made out of petroleum feedstock for nonfuel use besides petrochemicals).

There are a really massive variety of specialty merchandise petroleum solvents, bitumen for paving and industrial makes use of, lubricating oils, greases, white mineral oils, carbon black, petroleum coke, spray oils, and so forth—to fulfill the necessities of the business.

Probably way more technical personnel are engaged in petroleum specialty manufacture and the dealing with of petroleum merchandise than are present in refineries.

Though petroleum fuels are usually made in refineries out of crude oil distillation, petroleum specialty merchandise are made in comparatively smaller downstream items beginning with refinery streams as feedstock.

A refinery might produce 5 – 6 fundamental merchandise, reminiscent of liquified petroleum gasoline (LPG), naphtha, kerosene, diesel, and gasoline oils, however specialty producers might produce a lot of their merchandise from these fundamental refinery merchandise.

There may be little or no printed info on specialty manufacturing processes. The collection of a petroleum product for a selected job has turn into more difficult.

Specs and the take a look at strategies used on petroleum merchandise are necessary for the right collection of a petroleum product for given end-use.

Half 1, the primary six chapters, is dedicated to petroleum fuels. Half 2, the remaining chapters, offers with petroleum specialty merchandise.

The e-book presents manufacturing processes, product mixing, and specs of assorted petroleum merchandise. To make the e-book helpful to the skilled within the petroleum business, an in-depth remedy of every topic not usually present in textbooks is supplied.

It’s hoped that this e-book can be of direct curiosity to college students and all these engaged within the manufacture, mixing, storage, and buying and selling of petroleum merchandise.


Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing Handbook: including Specialty Products and Sustainable Manufacturing Techniques PDF

Author(s): Surinder Parkash

Year: 2009

ISBN: 0071632409


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