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General Anatomy – Vishram Singh

[PDF] General Anatomy - Vishram Singh free pdf book

It is not possible to fully understand the scale without the basic concepts related to the element, key words and structure. Many medical students go through a lot of stress to deal with the complex process and concept of the element. There are several main points you need to understand as you get a glimpse of the different parts of the body. A comprehensive description of the element requires a structured understanding of the various mechanisms and their functions. To solve the problems related to anatomy, there is an in-depth look at the definition of anatomy in the form of General Anatomy by Vishram Singh. Vishram Singh’s Gross Anatomy goes through all the extraordinary details of anatomy in a simple and straightforward manner. Furthermore, it describes all the basic topics, cell and tissue histology, different bone and other anatomical details. These very important explanations make the topic of healthcare well-organized. A summary is available for many topics to review all the details in a short time. In this way, this book helps medical students succeed in their medical exams and clinical practice.

The new version of Vishram Singh’s General Anatomy has many changes. All these modifications make this book very interesting and easy to understand the main points of the body. These necessary changes are:

Contains detailed information about the entire anatomical process, including details and concepts.

There are many chapters on cells and tissues related to the physiology and histology of various models.

There is also the need for genetic therapies to understand the concept of genetics.

There are many colorful graphics to help you understand graphics associated with text.

Each model is presented in a different color. Similarly, red indicates blood vessels and blue indicates venous blood.

The book also provides several tables and worksheets to list all the information in a short box. This allows students to easily analyze all aspects of the text.

Medical relations are included in the literature to explain the true nature of the worldview. Also below is additional information on higher education goals or multiple entrance exams, which are hot topics to remember to help students stay healthy.

There are also several questions at the end of each section for student assessment.

In addition, all chapters have been revised and edited for refinement.

The above changes are the latest update to this book to make its content easier to understand, and these features make this book more appealing than others.

General Anatomy PDF


Publisher: ELSEVIER, Year: 2015

ISBN: 8131234630



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