Book Name: In The Heart Of The Forest
Author: Beth Ball
Category: A Special Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
Free Download: Available

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Series: D&D Duets

Year: 2022

In The Heart Of The Forest pdf free

Book Description:

An atmospheric one-shot adventure set in a dark forest for one-on-one or parties of level 5 or 6.
There are two new sidekick classes, NPCs, and leveling tables included with handouts for your player!

In this adventure, the characters gather information in the small village of Redvale on the outskirts of the Blackwoods Forest. They go into the forest in search of Adelle, a druid whose other eleven Circle members have disappeared within the last year.

Inside the forest, they discover several undead beings, including a wood woad, who guides them to Adelle. She and her Circle learned a year before of a sorceress’s plan to extend her power beyond the forest, a death sentence for the village of Redvale and the lands beyond. Adelle is the last one left.

Adelle is suspicious of the party at first, but she might help them get to the center of the forest to investigate the dark sorceress and try to put a stop to her destructive plans.
This adventure sets a mysterious woodland ambiance that lends itself to an immersive one-shot experience!
This Adventure Includes:

Full one-shot adventure for levels 5 or 6
Two sidekick characters (or DMPCs) with handouts for your player
Two new sidekick classes and unique leveling tables: the archer and the Circle of the Phoenix druid
Mechanics for running a sidekick
Beautiful art
Well-rounded NPCs
Two custom NPC stat blocks
A new custom creature and
Two custom magical items


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