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Computational Colour Science using MATLAB

    Book Name: Computational Colour Science using MATLAB
    Category: MATLAB
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    Computational Colour Science using MATLAB 

    Computational Colour Science using MATLAB pdf

    Book Description:

    Focusing on critical issues encountered in modern color engineering, including efficient representation of color information, color calibration of visual displays, and models for predicting color difference and color appearance, Westland (design, University of Leeds, UK) and Ripamonti (psychology, University of Pennsylvania) emphasize practical applications rather than techniques in this resource for computer programmers, color-image engineers, and students of color science. The book describes algorithms and mathematical procedures in color science and illustrates these procedures using MATLAB. The opening chapters cover linear algebra for beginners and offer a short introduction to MATLAB.


    Computational Colour Science using MATLAB PDF

    Author(s): Professor Stephen Westland, Caterina Ripamonti

    Publisher: J. Wiley, Year: 2004

    ISBN: 9780470845622


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