Book Name: Brain Training 23 Ultimate Brain Training PDF
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Brain Training 23 Ultimate Brain Training Tips for Mental Focus and Concentration Training | PDF Free Download. 

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Brain Training 23 Ultimate Brain Training PDF 

Brain Training: 23 Ultimate Brain Training Tips for Mental Focus and Concentration Training pdf free

Brain Training Contents

  • Chapter 1 – How the Brain Works
  • Chapter 2 – Mastering Attention
  • Chapter 3 – Memory Recall
  • Chapter 4 – The Critical Thinker
  • Chapter 5 – Aging and Organizing

Introduction to Brain Training 23 Ultimate Brain Training PDF

No matter our age, we all want to function to the best of our ability, throughout our daily lives. This may be more so if you are in a period of education, or within an occupational environment.

This book will show that training of the brain should start at a young age and continue into your senior years. While physical exertion trains the body, mental training will improve the power and efficiency of the brain, resulting in a powerful mental physique.

If we have a fundamental understanding of the functions of the brain, it gives us the knowledge to find the right brain training methods, for optimal performance.

With more than one trillion nerve receptors and enough neurons (brain cells), to line up to the moon and back again, this highlights the brain’s true potential. In fact, our brains are more powerful than any computer and prove that we are very capable beings.

Learning how to harness and direct all that power opens up a lot of potentials to improve our daily lives.

How many times in an average day does your mind wander off from the task at hand? Learning the art of Sustained Attention will enable you to focus on the current task.

Once that skill is achieved, it is then possible to further the “Attention Training,” by learning how to focus and ignore any distractions.

This is Selected Attention. Once you have grasped all the skills for focusing attention, you will be able to concentrate and work to your potential.

We all have a collective set of memories. By using certain techniques this allows us to search and retrieve those memories quickly and effectively.

Learning to clear your mind and meditate is a skill that not only helps the brain to focus but also clears the mind of all stress. It is wonderful to get noticed by others and outperform other people so we stand out in the crowd.

By learning to control our thoughts and emotions, in such a way that we remain focussed, we can supercharge our brain’s performance to enable us to achieve such objectives.

Becoming a critical thinker not only makes others notice you; it also teaches you how to bring other people’s opinions into the decision-making wheel of problem-solving.

Finally, we all worry about aging – will we lose our mental abilities? This is a common worry. Aging is an inevitable process but just as we try to keep our physical body performing at its peak with regular exercise, we can also keep our brains functioning at their peak with regular mental exercise.

In the final chapter of this book, we will show you how you should be thinking to encourage maximum peak well into your senior years.


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