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This book highlights the design, use, and structure of blockchain systems and decentralized ledger technologies (B/DLT) for use in the construction industry. Construction remains a fragmented change-resistant industry with chronic problems of underproductivity and a very low digitization factor compared to other fields. In parallel, the convergence, embedding, and coordination of digital technologies in the physical world provide a unique opportunity for the construction industry to leap ahead and adopt fourth-industrial revolution technologies. Within this context, B/DLTs are an excellent fit for the digitization of the construction industry. B/DLTs are effective in this as they organize and align digital and physical supply chains, produce stigmergic coordination out of decentralization, and enable the governance of complex projects for multiple stakeholders while enabling the creation of a new class of business models and legal instruments for construction.


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Author(s): Theodoros Dounas, Davide Lombardi

Series: Blockchain Technologies

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2022

ISBN: 9811937583,9789811937583


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