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Anchors are mainly used to build the foundations of structures that rest on the ground or hold the land back. The main reason for using earth anchors in the building is to move the load away from the structure and into the ground at a greater depth and farther away. Earth anchors have been used in the real world for hundreds of years, but it has only been in the last 40 to 45 years that the theory has caught up with the practice. This book summarizes most of the theoretical and experimental work done to find the right relationships for earth anchors’ maximum and allowable holding capacity.


–A discussion on single-helix screw anchors in the sand has been added to Chapter 6
–Two new chapters have been added: Suction and Caisson Anchors (Chapter 9) and Geo-Anchors (Chapter 10)
–A summary section and self-assessment multiple-choice questions, with answers, are provided at the end of each chapter
–Details of horizontal, vertical, and inclined anchor plates, helical anchors, and anchor piles
–Reviews the failure mechanism in soil located around the anchor as well as various theories to calculate the ultimate and allowable loads
–Includes laboratory and field test results to supplement and verify the theories in the book

Table of contents:

Earth anchors: general
Horizontal plate anchors in sand
Horizontal plate anchors in clay
Vertical plate anchors
Inclined plate anchors
Helical anchors in sand
Helical anchors in clay
Anchor piles
Suction caisson and drag anchors


Download Earth Anchors PDF 

Author(s): Das, Braja M.; Shukla, Sanjay Kumar

Publisher: J. Ross Publishing, Year: 2013

ISBN: 1604270772,978-1-60427-077-8


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