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Brain Training by Tony Buzan

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Language English
Pages 194
Format PDF
Size 18.7 MB

Brain Training by Tony Buzan

Brain Training Boost Memory, Maximize Mental Agility, and Awaken your Inner Genius Tips, Puzzles, Exercises, and Other Strategies for Supercharged Mind Power by Tony Buzan | PDF Free Download.

Brain Training Contents

Chapter 1: Brain Potential
Chapter 2: Memory
Chapter 3: Visual Reasoning and Spatial Awareness
Chapter 4: Think Creatively
Chapter 5: Numerical Reasoning
Chapter 6: Verbal Reasoning
Chapter 7: The Mind Body Connection
Chapter 8: Test Your New Brain Power

Foreword to Brain Training PDF

It is the dream of everyone to have a brain that works better. You are holding in your hands a book that will help you make that dream come true!

Brain Training is one of the first VISUAL guides for enhancing your mental acumen.

In this New Age of Intelligence, in which the human brain has to think intelligently about managing knowledge and processing the information it is bombarded with, it’s vitally important that learning materials are brain-friendly.

One of the reasons I was so enthusiastic about writing the foreword for Brain Training is that this book has everything your brain needs: it is written in the brain’s own language—the “visual” language.

It contains relevant images, plentiful color, excellent spatial design, clear associations, and lucid writing. It is a book about the brain that is friendly to the brain. In its physical form, the book is entirely congruent with what the brain needs.

In maximizing your brain it is also important for you to know that, for learning, the majority of people do not use their full cognitive potential. This might sound like bad news but it is actually good news. It means that you have a lot of untapped brainpower still left in the tank.

All you need to do is learn how to access it! Brain Training will allow you to do that, by introducing you to exciting and enjoyable games and exercises that will help you maximize your intelligence.

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn about your brain and its remarkable structure and capacity. You will also be enlightened about the power of your visual and imaginative processes.

You will find out about your memory and its extraordinary capacities, your innate visual and creative capabilities, and your ability with numbers. The book will offer “visual” approaches to increase your verbal reasoning and word power.

There is also a chapter that addresses the vitally important relationship between your brain and your body, and in which you will learn that the ancient adage: “Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Healthy Mind Healthy Body” is true.

By working through the puzzles in Brain Training, you will improve your focus and concentration, your memory, and your learning and creative powers.

These are abilities that will significantly boost your confidence and joy in life. By investing in the Brain Training program, you have invested in your own intellectual capital, and that capital is the most valuable capital in the world.

How To Use Brain Training PDF Book

Studies show that the sense of sight is the most receptive when it comes to learning. Therefore, this program is visually led and is filled with a diverse mix of popular cognitive exercises, which are divided into thematic chapters covering memory, visual reasoning, and spatial awareness, creativity, numeracy, verbal reasoning, and the mind-body connection.

We open with a general introduction to the brain, and to the concept of intelligence and visual learning.

This is followed by a range of exercises “Where are you at?” to gauge your current mental agility. In the subsequent chapters, we concentrate on a specific brain function, such as memory or creativity.

First, we explain how it works, and then we offer the most effective puzzles to exercise that particular mental function.

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