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Data Analytics for Engineering and Construction Project Risk Management

Data Analytics for Engineering and Construction Project Risk Management by Ivan Damnjanovic by Kenneth Reinschmidt PDF Free Download

Data Analytics Contents

Half I Introduction

  • Introduction to Uncertainty and Risk
  • Project Risk Management Fundamentals

Half II Risk Evaluation in Project Planning

  • Second Second Method for the Likelihood Distribution of Project Efficiency Features 
  • Monte Carlo Simulation Method for the Likelihood Distribution of Project Efficiency Features 
  • Correlation in Tasks
  • Estimating Means, Variances, and Correlations Based mostly on Specialists’ Judgment 
  • Sensitivity and Widespread Trigger Results 
  • Approximate Risk Operate for Project Durations 
  • Contingency and Management Reserves

Half III Risk Monitoring and Reassessment in Project Execution

  • Bayesian Revision of Likelihood Estimates 
  • Managing Contingency and Funds to Full 
  • Statistical Project Management 
  • Forecasting Project Completion
  • Forecasting with Studying Curve Fashions

Preface to Data Analytics for Engineering and Construction Project 

This ebook is about time and probability as they have an effect on initiatives. Extra particularly, the primary goal of this textual content is to supply foundations for the evaluation of uncertainty and dangers on engineering initiatives of all kinds.

It offers with the spectrum of uncertainty, from the variability in building operations to the dangers in distinctive, complicated, first-of-a-kind initiatives.

In discipline operations or different challenge actions, we use possibilities to attempt to describe the pure variability of labor, and we’re involved with answering the query: Is the reported efficiency on this exercise merely reflecting these inherent variations, or is it sending a message that the exercise is about to go significantly uncontrolled?

In main dangers on complicated initiatives, we use information, info, and data in regards to the underlying conduct to precise the boldness in our threat estimates. Normally, the textual content locations emphasis on constructing data-driven fashions, and these fashions are of necessity mathematically impressed.

Because the British physicist William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) stated (1883), “if you can not measure it if you can not categorical it in numbers, your data is of a meager and unsatisfactory type.” And “meager and unsatisfactory” is an effective description of many challenge threat assessments.

It might be argued that challenge managers ought to place their confidence in expertise, judgment, and intestine really feel, not arithmetic. Nevertheless, studying about threat by the trial-and-error methodology can take a very long time, and the teachings can show to be very costly.

The view right here is that it’s a lot simpler for a challenge supervisor to have faith in a choice after he/she has examined a threat mannequin from all potential views and performed out plenty of situations, alternates, and choices than to depend on his/her judgment alone.

One of many the explanation why challenge threat evaluation and administration have turn into such an energetic subject for analysis in addition to training up to now few years is that have and judgment alone has been insufficient.

Subsequently, the precept used right here is that mannequin constructing must be knowledgeable by, and in step with, judgment and expertise, however any mannequin beats no mannequin 9 occasions out of ten.

The textual content covers threat identification and evaluation strategies for initiatives which can be already outlined when it comes to aims, specs, useful resource plans, sequencing, and work breakdown construction. In different phrases, the strategies we cowl cope with the evaluation of dangers, not making selections in response to the dangers.

That is deliberate because the textual content is seeking to be basic, not be particular to homeowners, subcontractors, and contractors, their threat perspective, or the kind of contracting technique and challenge supply methodology getting used.

The content material is taken into account appropriate for graduate college students in engineering, building, or challenge administration, in addition to practitioners aiming to develop, enhance, and/or simplify company challenge administration processes.

This ebook is predicated on the category lecture notes developed from Fall 2001 to Spring 2018 and taught as part of the graduate course in Project Risk Management at Texas A&M College. This textual content is maybe extra mathematical than many different texts, and that is deliberate.

The arithmetic incorporates nothing past what an engineering graduate is anticipated to know: some algebra, a bit of calculus, a bit of statistics, and, particularly, an undergraduate-level understating of the chance concept.

The sector of challenge threat evaluation and administration is actively evolving, and we could anticipate that higher strategies will proceed to be developed. This textual content is an try to supply a bridge from the qualitative and anecdotal to the quantitative and analytical mind-set.

The authors encourage college students and practitioners to make their very own contributions to the development of challenge threat administration.

Data Analytics for Engineering and Construction Project Risk Management

Author(s): Ivan Damnjanovic, Kenneth Reinschmidt

Series: Risk, Systems and Decisions

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-14250-6

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