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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle 2nd Edition

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“Empowering people with the tools to convert their own vehicles provides an immediate path away from petroleum dependence and should be part of the solutions portfolio.” – Chelsea Sexton, Co-founder, Plug In America and featured in Who Killed the Electric Car?

“Create a superior driving experience, strengthen America, and restore the planet’s ecosystems…that’s the promise of this book and it’s well worth a read!” – Josh Dorfman, Founder & CEO – Vivavi, Modern Green Furniture Store; Author, The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living.

Why electric vehicles are still right for today! — Electric vehicles save the environment and energy — Electric vehicle history — The best electric vehicle for you — Chassis and design — Electric motors — The controller — Batteries — The charger and electrical system — Electric vehicle conversion — Maximize your electric vehicle enjoyment — Sources.;This completely revised and updated edition of the ‘bible of electric car books’ gives the component-by-component coverage you need to convert your gas-guzzler or to build an electric powered vehicle from scratch.

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Build your own electric vehicle PDF

Author(s): Brant, Bob;Leitman, Seth

Series: McGraw Hill professional

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year: 2009

ISBN: 0071643516,0071543732,9780071643511