Book Name: Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen Book
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Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen epub

Book Description:

A beautiful cookbook from Palestine with colourful recipes, exciting stories, and stunning photos.

“A very moving, very informative, and delicious book.” Anthony Bourdain

“A big bowl full of tasty Palestinian recipes and interesting and moving stories… Great stuff!” Yotam Ottolenghi

“A collection of personal stories that will make you think…” It doesn’t do the book any good to call it a cookbook. Zaitoun is worth reading as much as it is worth cooking from. ‘ Food Monthly from Observer

Palestinian food smells good, is healthy, and tastes great. It is full of the freshness and brightness typical of all Levantine fare. From colourful, plentiful mezze dishes to rich, slow-cooked stews flavoured with fragrant spice blends, it’s the best of what modern Middle Eastern cooking has to offer.

Yasmin Khan, a food writer from Palestine, put together this beautiful cookbook with recipes and stories from her travels in the area. On her trip, she picks black olives from the groves of Burquin in the West Bank, rolls Palestinian couscous by hand in home kitchens in Jenin, and even finds time to have a pint with workers at the Taybeh brewery, which is making the first Palestinian craft beer. She learns about their daily lives as she eats and cooks with Palestinians of all ages and backgrounds.

Zaitoun has herb-filled salads, quick pickles, fragrant soups, tender roasted meats, and rich desserts, focusing on vegetarian versions of classic Palestinian dishes. It has recipes for things like olive, fig, honey tapenade, roast chicken stuffed with pine nuts and raisins, and pomegranate passion cake, among many others. And the recipes are surrounded by stories from people who love, live in, and cook food from Palestine.


Table of contents :

Palestine and me
A beginning
Welcome to Palestine
The Palestinian store cupboard
Haifa and Akka
Nablus and Jenin
Main courses
Nazareth and the Galilee
Menu planning


Download Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen Epub 

Author(s): Yasmin Khan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, Year: 12 July 2018

ISBN: 1408883848,978-1408883846


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