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Winging It By Emma Isaacs

Winging It: Stop Thinking, Start Doing: Why Action Beats Planning Every Time is biography book by Emma Isaacs, published in 2018.

Emma Isaacs forgot to draw up her life plan. She doesn’t have a list of five-year goals, and she doesn’t believe in work-life balance. Yet somehow she’s managed to found a multimillion-dollar global organization, become a highly sought-after speaker and media commentator, and be recognized as a prominent voice in women’s leadership―all while raising six young children.

So how does she do it all? She dives in headfirst and wings it.

Women are notorious over-preparers and underestimators when it comes to their own readiness to try something new. But as Emma teaches, what most often holds us back are our own fears, excuses, and doubts. With her revolutionary manifesto, Winging It, Emma has written a rallying cry for all women to “do the things that scare you, build your wealth, make an impact, fail lots, and get up and try again.”

Through hilarious stories, targeted prompts, and timeless advice, Emma will inspire you to get clear on what really matters and go after your dreams, one messy step at a time. Get ready to stop hiding behind the safe option or the perfect plan―and start winging it.

Winging It ePUB

Author(s): Emma Isaacs

Publisher: Sounds True, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781683646914



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