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Wiley Acing the GATE Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude

Wiley Acing the GATE 2018 Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude Second Version by  Anil Kumar Maini, Varsha Agrawal and Nakul Maini | PDF Free Download.

Index of Wiley Acing the GATE Engineering Mathematics


  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Advanced Variables
  • Chance and Statistics
  • Numerical Strategies
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Set Concept and Algebra
  • Combinatory
  • Graph Concept
  • Rework Concept


  • English Grammar
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Verbal Analogies
  • Phrase Teams
  • Verbal Deduction


  • Quantity System
  • Share
  • Revenue and Loss
  • Easy Curiosity and Compound Curiosity
  • Time and Work
  • Common, Combination and Alligation
  • Ratio, Proportion and Variation
  • Velocity, Distance and Time
  • Permutation and Mixture
  • Development
  • Chance
  • Set Concept
  • Surds, Indices and Logarithms
  • Cubes and Dices
  • Line Graph
  • Tables
  • Blood Relationship
  • Bar Diagram
  • Pie Chart
  • Puzzles
  • Analytical Reasoning

Preface to Wiley Acing the GATE Engineering Mathematics

Wiley Acing the GATE: Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude is meant to be the full guide for these aspiring to compete in the Graduate Aptitude Check in Engineering (GATE) in numerous engineering disciplines,

Together with Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Mechanical, Laptop Science, Civil, Chemical and Instrumentation, comprehensively overlaying all subjects as prescribed in the syllabus when it comes to research materials and an elaborate query financial institution.

There are host of salient options supplied by the guide as in comparison with the content material of the different books already revealed for the similar function.

A few of the essential ones embrace the following. Considered one of the notable options of the guide contains presentation of research materials in easy and lucid language and in small sections whereas retaining deal with alignment of the materials in accordance with the necessities of GATE examination.

Whereas it’s important for a guide that has to cowl a variety of subjects in Engineering Mathematics,

General Aptitude together with Verbal Capability and Numerical Capability to be exact in the therapy of various subjects, the current guide achieves that purpose with out compromising completeness.

The research materials and additionally the query financial institution have all the three essential `C’ qualities, Conciseness, Completeness and Correctness, for speaking successfully with the examinees.

One other essential function of the guide is its complete query financial institution. The query financial institution is organized in three completely different classes, specifically the Solved Examples, Observe Train and Solved GATE Earlier Years’ Questions.

Solved Examples include a lot of questions of various complexity. Every query on this class is adopted by its resolution.

Beneath Observe Train, once more there are a lot of a number of alternative questions. The solutions to those questions are given at the finish of the part.

Every of the solutions is supported by an evidence in contrast to different books the place options to solely chosen questions are given.

The third class accommodates questions from earlier GATE examinations from 2003 onwards. Every query is adopted by a whole resolution.

Briefly outlining the size and breadth of the materials offered in the guide, it’s divided into two broad sections, specifically Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude.

Part on General Aptitude is additional divided into two sections overlaying Verbal Capability and Numerical Capability.

Engineering Mathematics is roofed in eleven completely different chapters. These embrace Linear Algebra overlaying essential subjects resembling matrix algebra, techniques of linear equations, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors;

Calculus overlaying essential subjects resembling capabilities of single variable, restrict, continuity and differentiability, imply worth theorem, particular and improper integrals, partial derivatives, maxima and minima, gradient, divergence and curl, directional derivatives, line, floor and quantity integrals,

Stokes’ theorem, Gauss theorem and Inexperienced’s theorem, and Fourier sequence; Differential Equations overlaying linear and non-linear differential equations,

Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations, Laplace transforms, partial differentiation, options of one-dimensional warmth and wave equations, Laplace equation, and methodology of variation of parameters;

Advanced Variables overlaying analytic capabilities, Cauchy’s integral theorem, and Taylor and Laurent sequence; Chance and Statistics overlaying conditional likelihood, random variables, discrete and steady distributions,

Poisson, regular, uniform, exponential and binomial distributions, correlation and regression analyses, residue theorem, and resolution integrals;

Numerical Strategies overlaying numerical options of linear and non-linear algebraic equations, integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s guidelines, single and multi-step strategies for differential equations, numerical options of non-linear algebraic equations by secant, bisection, Runge—Kutta and Newton—Raphson strategies;

Mathematical Logic together with first-order logic and proportional logic; Set Concept and Algebra together with units, relations, capabilities and teams, partial orders, lattice, and Boolean algebra;

Combinatory overlaying permutations and mixtures, counting, summation, producing capabilities, recurrence relations, and asymptotics;

Graph Concept overlaying connectivity and spanning bushes, minimize vertices and edges, overlaying and matching, unbiased units, colouring, planarity, and isomorphism;

and Rework Concept overlaying Fourier remodel, Laplace remodel and z-transform. General Aptitude contains two sub-sections specifically Verbal Capability and Numerical Capability.

Essential subjects lined beneath Verbal Capability embrace English grammar, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, verbal analogies, phrase teams, and crucial reasoning and verbal deduction.

Beneath Numerical Capability, essential subjects lined embrace primary arithmetic, algebra, and reasoning and information interpretation.

Beneath Fundamental Arithmetic, we have now mentioned quantity system; proportion; revenue and loss; easy curiosity and compound curiosity; time and work; common, combination and allegation; ratio, proportion and variation; and pace, distance and time.

Beneath Algebra, we have now mentioned permutation and mixture; development; likelihood; set concept; and surds, indices and logarithm.

The subjects lined beneath Reasoning and Interpretation are cubes and dices, line graph, tables, blood relationship, bar diagram, pie chart, puzzles, and analytical reasoning.

The Graduate Admission Check in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India degree aggressive examination for engineering graduates aspiring to pursue Grasp’s or Ph.D. packages in India.

The examination evaluates the examinees in General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and the topic self-discipline.

Although majority of questions is requested from the topic self-discipline; there are sizable variety of questions set from Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude.

It’s an examination the place shut to 10 lakh college students seem yearly. The extent of competitors is due to this fact very fierce.

Whereas admission to a prime institute for the Grasp’s programme continues to be the most essential cause for working onerous to safe an excellent rating in the GATE examination;

one other nice cause to seem and handsomely qualify GATE examination is that many Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are and most likely in future virtually all will likely be recruiting by way of GATE examination.

And it’s fairly doubtless that even massive personal sector firms could start thinking about GATE severely for his or her recruitment as GATE rating can provide a much bigger clue about who they’re recruiting.

The examination immediately is extremely aggressive and the GATE rating performs an essential position.

This solely reiterates the have to have a guide that prepares examinees not solely to qualify the GATE examination by getting a rating simply above the threshold but in addition enabling them to realize a aggressive rating.

In a contest that’s as fierce as the GATE is, a excessive rating in Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude part generally is a nice asset.

The current guide is written with the goal of fulfilling this requirement.

The hassle is meant to supply to the giant part of GATE aspirants a self-study and do-it-yourself guide offering complete and step-by-step therapy of every and each side of the examination when it comes to concise however full research materials and an exhaustive set of questions with options.

The authors would eagerly sit up for the suggestions from the readers by way of publishers to assist them make the guide higher.

Wiley Acing the Gate: Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude PDF

Author(s): Anil Kumar Maini, Varsha Agrawal, Nakul Maini

ISBN: 978-81-265-6655-6

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