Book Name: Web Servers Succinctly
Category: Information Security
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Web Servers Succinctly 

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Book Description

The concept of a “web server” has become fuzzy because the server is now entwined with the dynamic requirements of web applications. Handling a request is no longer the simple process of “sending back the content of this file” but instead involves routing the request to the web application, which, among other things, determines where the content comes from.

In Web Servers Succinctly, author Marc Clifton provides excellent insights on the benefits of building your web server and covers different threading, work processes, session management, routing, and security options.

  1. Why Build a Web Server?
  2. Your First Web Server
  3. Threads, Tasks, and Async/Await
  4. Thread-Spanning Workflows
  5. Routing
  6. Sessions
  7. HTTP
  8. Error Handling and Redirecting
  9. Parameterized Routes
  10. Form Parameters and AJAX
  11. View Engines
  12. Stress Testing



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