Book Name: Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
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Visual Cryptography and Its Applications 

Visual Cryptography and Its Applications pdf

Book Author(s):

Weir J., Yan WeiQi.

Dr. WeiQi Yan received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Computing Technology, Academia Sinica, China, in 2001. His research interests include Multimedia Systems and Intelligent Multimedia Security, Forensics, and Surveillance.

Book Description:

This book presents one of the data security methods known as visual cryptography (VC). Specifically, visual cryptography allows effective and efficient secret sharing between several trusted parties. As with many cryptographic schemes, trust is the most challenging part. Visual cryptography provides a powerful technique by which one secret can be distributed into two or more shares.
Practical VC applications are also outlined. These applications involve the use of Moire patterns and watermarking techniques. A detailed analysis of the watermarking domain is presented, along with various designs and schemes that can incorporate VC successfully within the field of watermarking.
The foundations of these techniques are reviewed, and examples are provided.

Book Contents:
Traditional Visual Cryptography
Secret Sharing
Visual Cryptography
Size Invariant Visual Cryptography
Recursive Visual Cryptography
Analysis of Visual Cryptography
Mathematical Background
Analysis in the Frequency Domain
Extended Visual Cryptography
Extended Visual Cryptography
Halftone Visual Cryptography
Cheating Immune VC Schemes
Dot-Size Variant Visual Cryptography
Dynamic Visual Cryptography
Basic Multiple Secret Sharing
Embedding a Share of Visual Cryptography in a Halftone Image
Colour Visual Cryptography
Colour Visual Cryptography
Image Sharing Using Random Masks
Quality Evaluation
Progressive Visual Cryptography
Progressive Visual Cryptography
Image Hatching for Visual Cryptography
Image Hatching with VC
Security Analysis
Applications for Visual Cryptography
Moire Patterns
Criteria for Evaluation Purposes




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