Book Name: UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators
Category: Information Security
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UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators 

UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators pdf
Book Description:
Because programmers originally designed the UNIX system for other programmers, it was used in an environment of open cooperation where security was of minimal concern. Now that its use has spread to universities, businesses, and government, the confidential and sensitive nature of the data stored on UNIX systems has made the security of these systems of paramount importance. Despite all the technical papers and workshops on UNIX security, this book is unique. UNIX System Security is the first up-to-date source to provide the UNIX system user or administrator with the information needed to protect the data and system from unauthorized use. Following the procedures described in this book and using the C programs and shell scripts provided as examples, you can protect your UNIX system from most attackers. The author begins by examining four high-profile breaches of UNIX security as illustrations of how a UNIX system can be attacked. He then provides the information necessary to protect against these forms of attack and offers the tools that can be used to do so. Focusing on the most recent release of Berkeley and System V UNIX and such vendor derivatives as SunOS and ULTRIX, the book gives information that can be applied to any version of UNIX since the Seventh Edition. Issues discussed include account and password security, securing the file system, encryption and authentication systems, TCP/IP network security, the Network Information Service (NIS), NFS, RFS, workstation security, terminals and modems, and UUCP. Other chapters describe how to respond if your system is attacked and how to develop a comprehensive security policy for your organization. The book also gives complete lists of freely available security software and publications and mailing lists dealing with UNIX security. “UNIX System Security should become popular among site administrators struggling to handle security needs – especially since most vendor-specific manuals don’t cover those well-known security’ holes’ which can cause grief.” -Dr. Dobb’s Journal “David A. Curry’s UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and Administrators is highly recommended. This should end the morbid joke that UNIX Security books belong to the thin book category that includes The Dan Quayle Spell Checker and The Woody Allen Family Values Guide.” -Stan Kelly-Bootle, UNIX Review “UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and Administrators by David Curry, provides a comprehensive overview of key issues and offers practical advice for making UNIX systems more secure.” -UniForum Monthly, “UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and Administrators by David A. Curry, presents a rigorous look at security issues on BDS 4 and System V Release 4, enlivened by references to four well-known security breakdowns from real life.” -UNIXWorld “UNIX System Security is so clearly written that even some of the more complex topics become easy to understand, and there are sections that even the most inexperienced user will comprehend. Curry has provided an essential text in security for both the beginning and experienced user.” -Sys Admin 0201563274B04062001


UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators PDF

Author(s): David A. Curry

Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Year: 1992

ISBN: 0201563274,9780201563276


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