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Understanding Electric Power Systems

Understanding Electric Power Systems: An Overview of the Technology and the Marketplace (IEEE Press Understanding Science & Technology Series) by Jack Casazza (Author), Frank Delea (Author)

Book Description:
Technological advances and changes in government policy and regulation have altered the electric power industry in recent years and will continue to impact it for quite some time. Fully updated with the latest changes to regulation, structure, and technology, this new edition of Understanding Electric Power Systems offers a real-world view of the industry, explaining how it operates, how it is structured, and how electricity is regulated and priced. It includes extensive references for the reader and will be especially useful to lawyers, government officials, regulators, engineers, and students, as well as the general public. The book explains the physical functioning of electric power systems, the electric power business in today’s environment, and the related institutions, including recent changes in the roles of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Reliability Company. Significant changes that are affecting the industry are covered in this new edition, including:
The expanded role of the federal government in the planning and operation of the nation’s electric utilities
New energy laws and a large number of FERC regulations implementing these laws
Concerns over global warming and potential impacts on the electric industry
Pressures for expansion of the electric grid and the implementation of “smart-grid” technologies
The growing importance of various energy-storage technologies and renewable energy sources
New nuclear generation technologies
The 2009 economic stimulus package
Book Contents:
Chapter 1 Benefits of Electric Power and a History of the Electric Power Industry (pages 1–14):
Chapter 2 The Electric Power System (pages 15–25):
Chapter 3 Basic Electric Power Concepts (pages 27–48):
Chapter 4 Electric Energy Consumption (pages 49–64):
Chapter 5 Electric Power Generation and Concerns About Greenhouse Gases (pages 65–95):
Chapter 6 The Technology of the Electric Transmission System (pages 97–113):
Chapter 7 Distribution (pages 115–127):
Chapter 8 Energy Storage and Other New Technologies (pages 129–154):
Chapter 9 Reliability (pages 155–166):
Chapter 10 The Physical Network: The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and its Standards (pages 167–180):
Chapter 11 The Physical Network: Operation of the Electric Bulk Power System (pages 181–196):
Chapter 12 The Physical Network: Planning of the Electric Bulk Power System (pages 197–211):
Chapter 13 The Regulatory Network: Legislation (pages 213–230):
Chapter 14 The Regulatory Network: The Regulators (pages 231–252):
Chapter 15 The Information, Communication, and Control Network and Security (pages 253–259):
Chapter 16 The Fuel and Energy Network (pages 261–272):
Chapter 17 The Business Network: Market Participants (pages 273–283):
Chapter 18 The Money Network: Wholesale Markets (pages 285–299):
Chapter 19 The Professional and Industry Organizations (pages 301–311):

The Enron scandal notwithstanding, it is important for professionals in the electric power industry and related positions gain a solid understanding of electric power systems and how they work. Written by two veteran power company managers and respected experts, this is a real–world view of electric power systems, how they operate, how the organizations are structured, and how electricity is regulated and priced.

A comprehensive overview of the electric power industry from the inside
Covers electric power system components, electricity consumption, generation, transmission, distribution, electric utility operation, electric system control, power system reliability, government regulation, utility rate making, and financial considerations.

Includes an extensive glossary of key terms used in the U.S. and also definitions for terms used worldwide

Understanding Electric Power Systems: An Overview of Technology, the Marketplace, and Government Regulation, Second Edition PDF

Author(s): Jack Casazza, Frank Delea(auth.)

Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press, Year: 2010

ISBN: 9780470484180

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