Book Name: Unaccomplished Cities
Author: Jayant Kashyap
Category: A Special Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
Free Download: Available

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Unaccomplished Cities pdf

Book Description:

“Unaccomplished Cities” is a part of the 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series.

“Transcending history, these are undeniably visceral poems. They shed light on the murky engine which is humanity, often fuelled by violence and indecency, and ask us to consider our place within it.”

– Russell Jones, author of “Cocoon”

“An unusual and exciting sequence of poems that dares to ghostly go through time and place and revive cities and nations at points of key struggle.”

– Daljit Nagra, author of “British Museum”

“In his well-thought and coherent collection, Jayant Kashyap, is, quoting one of his own poems, ‘retelling the tales all of us knew something about.’ Every poem is a mark on the vastness of the world’s memory, and he is joining them, episode by episode, with a lot of care and poetic talent, so you find yourself re-reading these poems, again and again, reflecting and contemplating, finding yourself compassionate, becoming ‘an ounce more of love.’”

– Hanna Komar, author of “Recycled”


Unaccomplished Cities PDF

Author(s): Kashyap, Jayant

Publisher: Ghost City Press, Year: 2020


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