Book Name: Turbomachinery Performance Analysis by R.I Lewis
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Turbomachinery Performance Analysis

Author(s)  :  R.I Lewis
Writer   :  Elsevier Science & Expertise Books
Version     :  Pub. Date:Might 1996
Pages       :  335
PDF measurement   :  15.5 MB 

This contemporary overview to turbomachinery efficiency evaluation locations aero and fluid-dynamic remedies, similar to cascade and dimensional stream analyses, inside the broader context of turbo machine efficiency evaluation. For the primary time dusted propellers are handled formally inside the basic household of turbo machines. It additionally presents a brand new method to using dimensional evaluation which hyperlinks the general necessities, similar to stream and head, by way of velocity triangles to blade ingredient loading and associated fluid dynamics inside a unifying framework linking all elements of efficiency evaluation for a variety of turbo machine varieties. Laptop strategies are launched in the principle textual content and a key chapter on axial turbine efficiency evaluation is complemented by the inclusion of 3 main laptop packages on an accompanying disc. These allow the person to generate and modify design information by way of a graphic interface to evaluate visually the impression on predicted efficiency and are designed as a Laptop Aided Studying Suite for pupil venture work on the skilled designer stage.

1. Fundamental equations and dimensional evaluation
2. Two-dimensional cascades
3. Rules of efficiency evaluation for axial generators
4. Performance evaluation for axial compressors and followers
5. Simplified meridional stream evaluation for axial turbomachines
6. Vorticity manufacturing in turbomachines and its affect upon meridional flows
7. Blended-flow and radial turbomachines
8. Ducted propellers and followers
9. Chosen supporting fluid dynamic evaluation
Appendix I: ‘FIPSI’: A pc program for choice and efficiency evaluation of axial turbine levels
Appendix II: ‘CASCADE’: A pc program for design and evaluation of turbomachine cascades
Appendix III: ‘STACK’: a pc program for geometrical design and evaluation of turbomachine cascade blades
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Turbomachinery Performance Analysis PDF

Author(s): R. I. Lewis

Year: 1996

ISBN: 0340631910,9780340631911,9780080543321







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